LATEST: Mustafa Ali contract length and details revealed

Hamish Woodward


Here is the latest update on Mustafa Ali’s contract situation, after the former Retribution leader publicly requested his release from WWE week ago.

On January 16th, 2022, Mustafa Ali revealed on his Twitter account that he had requested his release from WWE. Ali had been misused for years in WWE and had most recently been revealed as the leader of the disastrous faction known as Retribution.

Ali posted a video on his Twitter account with the simple message with it, stating “i am requesting my release from WWE”.

Mustafa Ali had not been on WWE television since his defeat to Drew McIntyre back on October 29. He requested time off when his wife gave birth, but later revelations showed that he only missed one show for that reason.

Following his reveal of his request to have his contract terminated, WWE announced that they had denied his request to be released from WWE. Ali is reportedly of “high value” to WWE, although his lack of ring time shows differently. Perhaps more accurate would be to describe him as being high value to AEW, which is why they are keeping him away from their rival promotion.

Recent reports by Fightful Select have shown a bleak outlook for Ali. They revealed that Mustafa Ali is not close to the end of his contract, with his current deal set to last “well over a year, at least”. Ali was reportedly pitched to be in the Royal Rumble this year, but tweeted out that he would not like to take part.

He said on Twitter “no, i would not like to be in rumble. i would like my release.”

Fightful reports that there had been a pitch for Ali to wrestle in the Royal Rumble match this year, with one talent suggesting Ali should eliminate them. However, since he was not even present for the Rumble match it appears that there was little interest from either side for him to make a surprise Royal Rumble return.

Mustafa Ali also reportedly had a bust up before asking for his release with none other than WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Prior to his purported return to the ring, Vince McMahon met with Ali to discuss his character and storylines going forward.

According to Fightful Select, Vince McMahon was said to have pitch to Ali “Something Mustafa Ali would never have done’, which led to a heated argument between Ali and McMahon. Ali has not been seen on WWE TV since and is surely a big factor in his release request from WWE.

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