Which WWE Wrestlers Are Related To Roman Reigns?

WWE is a place where familial ties matter, and that includes the “Head of the Table” Roman Reigns. He is one of the biggest WWE superstars of all time and one of the most successful stars of all time.

Holding the WWE Universal Champion for two years, Reigns is synonymous for the championship and has helped build up a prestige it has been missing for some years.

However, he is a family man. Family is very important for The Big Dog and has a lot of people to thank for his success.

Whether it be his blood family, the Samoan dynasty known as the Anoa’i or his “brothers” in The Shield, he has always had family to lean on during his time in the WWE.

But which WWE superstars are related to Roman Reigns.

Is The Rock Related to Roman Reigns?


The Rock and Roman Reigns are not blood related, but do consider each other “cousins”.

Both of their grandparents (Amituanai and Peter) were blood brothers, which is a bond stronger than some families in their culture, but in actual fact have no blood relation.

However, they are still close and consider each other as family. The Rock helped Roman Reigns gain a part in the latest Fast & Furious movie, although it is likely neither man will be taking part in Fast 10.

There are rumours that Wrestlemania 39 or 40 could be headlined by Roman Reigns vs The Rock but this match has yet to be officially announced.

It will have to be based around The Rock’s busy schedule and will be in doubt if, as rumoured, Roman Reigns follows John Cena and The Rock into a full-time career in Hollywood.

Is Samoa Joe Related To Roman Reigns?

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Despite most Samoans in wrestling all being related, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns are not related to each other.

Both men are of Samoan descent but from different families. Samoa Joe grew up in California, whilst Reigns was raised in Florida, going to University to play football at Georgia Tech.

The pair have had some fantastic matches in the past and had some incredible promos in the ring.

Despite not being related, they shared excellent chemistry and could have headlined a WrestleMania against each other if booked properly by Vince McMahon and the WWE.

Is Tamina Related to Roman Reigns?

Tamina Snuke is related to Roman Reigns, through her father Jimmy Snuka.

The WWE legend and Hall of Fame inductee married into the Anoa’i family, so whilst he does not have any direct blood with Roman Reigns, Tamina is still his cousin and can claim relation to the Universal Champion.

Tamina has hidden her relationship with her father in recent years with WWE.

It became huge news that he murdered a previous girlfriend in the 1980s that was covered up by WWE, with Vince McMahon not wanting to publicise the murder by her relationship to Snuka.

Is Nia Jax Related To Roman Reigns?

Nia Jax is related to Roman Reigns in the same way that The Rock is. Her father, Joseph Fanene, was the first cousin of Peter Maivia (The Rock’s Grandfather and former wrestler), so she is related to The Head of the Table in the same way – her relatives were blood brothers with Reigns.

Is Damian Priest Related To Roman Reigns?

Many WWE fans have questioned whether or not Damian Priest and Roman Reigns are related. This is an odd one as there seems to be no particular reason why to think this way, outside of maybe thinking the two look a bit similar.

They are not related. Damian Priest is of Puerto Rican descent and raised in New York, and has no link whatsoever to the Anoa’i Family.

His link to Roman Reigns is simply that the pair work together as Superstars in WWE and the hope is that they have a main event program soon to help elevate Priest to a main event level.

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