Throwback To The Best AEW Dynamite Episode Of All Time

There have been no shortage of fantastic episodes of AEW Dynamite over the years (although there have been some stinkers!).

Tony Khan has made it his mission to put on great weekly TV every Wednesday night, after wrestling grew tired of the WWE’s weekly offerings.

Since it’s debut in October 2019, AEW Dynamite has grown into one of the most popular wrestling shows in the world, pulling in close to a million viewers a week in the United States alone.

It also has international appeal too. The company sold 43,000 tickets in one day to their first-ever UK show, AEW All In 2, taking place in Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom.

The best episode of AEW Dynamite is one that is hotly debated. The show has been the home of many five-star matches, and some of the most incredible moments in the history of wrestling.

Some of the best moments in Dynamite history include MJF’s promo against CM Punk, The Elite vs Dark Order match, Bryan Danielson’s 60-minute epic against Adam Page, and many more incredible moments.

It is difficult to pick just one episode of AEW Dynamite as the greatest in the shows’ history, but for me, there is one episode that stands out as one of the best.

The show came shortly after All Out 2021, which saw the return of CM Punk, and the debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson in the company.

The Best AEW Dynamite Episode

The single greatest episode of AEW Dynamite the 2021 Grand Slam episode of the hit Wednesday Night TV show.

The show took place from Arthur Ashe Stadium, the 23,000 capacity tennis arena that also host other sporting events, like wrestling.

The show was broadcast on September 22nd, 2021 and saw the biggest gate AEW has ever pulled (until All In in the UK smashed that record in 2023), and was what some people call the peak of AEW.

On the back of a hugely successful All Out show, the company had all the momentum in the world. The event saw CM Punk appearing, as well as a match between two of the finest wrestlers in the world.

AEW Grand Slam saw five huge matches taking place at the event. The show was opened by the dream match between AEW Champion Kenny Omega, and the debuting Bryan Danielson.

Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson

The two men are considered two of the all-time greats. Fans never thought they’d see the match, given that Danielson seemed like somebody who would be in WWE for life.

He was a legend in the company, winning multiple world titles under the name Daniel Bryan. However, he decided to leave shortly after WrestleMania 37, signing for AEW months later.

Their match opened the best Dynamite episode, to one of the hottest crowds of all time. The biggest pop of the night came as soon as the bell rang for the match, showing just how excited they were to see the two legends face off.

They did not disappoint. The match was an all-time great, going half an hour and ending in a time-limit draw that left the crowd wanting even more.

You can click here to read a full review of that match.

CM Punk Promo

This was followed up by an appearance by CM Punk, for the first time in New York for nearly 8 years.

He cut a promo for the crowd, hyping up his match for the Rampage after against Powerhouse Hobbs.

It was a good promo that had the crowd on its feet and got them excited for the match on Rampage. It really showed that CM Punk was back, and was the first of many excellent promos.

This kept the crowd hot and ready for more action.

“How do you follow that match? It’s been a long time since I’ve been in New York City. It’s been an even longer time since professional wrestling has been in New York City. I hear people tell me that I need to be mad. That I need to be pissed off..that I need to be the old CM Punk. Be careful what you wish for.

“Hobbs, Taz, half of Team Taz is from here and they don’t even like you. Last week on DYNAMITE, they tricked me. Hobbs jumped me and they tried to put me through a table. Yes, it pissed me off. But when my music hits and I step out onto that stage, I can’t help but feel the way I feel. That pissed off feeling goes away. Yes, it’s a love fest. Yes, I’m smiling. Yes, I’m happy to see you!

“Of course, I think what they attempted to do was take all of this away from me. They don’t want to hear ‘Cult of Personality’ or see ‘happy CM Punk’ enjoying the fans. And then I get pissed off because it’s been so long since I felt this and since I needed this! I get pissed off because nobody is going to take this away from me. This is mine once again!

“Team Taz, Hobbs, you should have picked me back up and you should have finished the job. You should have put me through the table. You made a mistake and you let me live. And you slept on the legend of CM Punk. And it’s not my job to wake you up. It’s my job to tuck you in. Friday…RAMPAGE, ‘Powerhouse’ Hobbs goes to sleep!”

CM Punk’s promo on AEW Grand Slam 2021.

MJF (with Wardlow) vs. Brian Pillman, Jr. (with Julia Hart)

A rare treat for this Dynamite.

MJF wrestled in a singles match, during his mini feud with Brian Pillman Jr.

For weeks, the salt of the earth had been running down Pillman’s father, claiming the late-Brian Pillman was actually in hell.

This led to a heated, short-term rivalry between the pair, which culminated in a match in front of 21,000 fans in Arthur Ashe.

MJF won the match by submission, but it was a good showcase for the young Pillman against a more established opponent.

Cody Rhodes vs Malakai Black

A month after their last encounter, which saw Malakai Black squash Cody and seemingly sending him into retirement, the rematch between these two stars happened as part of the best AEW Dynamite episode yet.

The rematch had been built up for weeks, with fans seeing this as a chance either to make Black a main event star, or bring Cody Rhodes back on the road to the top of the company.

The match was a brilliant battle between the light and the dark, with The American Nightmare channelling his father to help defeated Malakai Black at AEW Grand Slam 2021.

However, it was enough, as Black hit the Black Mist onto Rhodes, rolling him up and pinning him for his second victory in their two matches together.

Sting & Darby Allin vs FTR

A star-studded show continues to impress with the all-star tag team bout in the penultimate match of the show.

FTR were the top team in the world at this point, putting on some of the greatest tag team matches ever seen.

However, Sting had been on a roll since his debut the year prior, with he and Darby remaining undefeated together in tag team actions.

It was a fun bout, with FTR really working hard to seemlessly work around the limitations of the 62-year old Sting.

It would have been the best match on any AEW Dynamite show, had it not had to following Danielson vs Omega in the main event.

Sting and Darby Allin picked up the win, much to the joy of the live crowd in attendance.

Britt Baker vs Ruby Soho

The main event of the best AEW Dynamite episode had a title on the line.

Britt Baker defended her AEW Championship against a new challenger, in the recently signed Ruby Soho.

Soho had debuted in AEW just weeks prior, as the Joker card in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out. She won the match, earning her this show at Baker’s championship at Arthur Ashe.

While it was a good match, it did not compare to the opener. However, it had the crowd going, and at times they believed Soho could be walking away as the new AEW women’s Champion.

With help from Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker locked in the Lock Jaw submission, forcing Ruby Soho to tap out at the end of an incredible AEW Dynamite show.

AEW Grand Slam 2021 was the best AEW Dynamite episode ever. It had fantastic matches across the board, a legendary promo by CM Punk and one of the hottest crowds ever seen.

With 21,000 cramming into the arena, it is the biggest Dynamite crowd the company has ever seen, and it will be hard for them to ever beat it in the future.

What is your favourite AEW Dynamite episode? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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