Jerry “The King” Lawler’s Last Match In WWE, Explained

Hamish Woodward

Did you know what Jerry “The King” Lawler’s last match was? Keep reading to find out what happened, how the ending all went horribly wrong and discover if he is finally retired from wrestling.

Jerry Lawler Last Match In WWE

Jerry Lawler’s last WWE match took place in the Centre Bell in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on the September 10th, 2012 episode of Monday Night Raw.

The match was a tag team match that pitted the then-62 year old legend against two of the top wrestlers on the roster. Jerry “The King” Lawler wrestled alongside Randy Orton to take on CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler in a huge tag team match on Monday Night Raw.

Lawler and Orton won the match after CM Punk stayed on the outside speaking to Paul Heyman, rather than helping out his tag team partner. Randy Orton hit Ziggler with the RKO to win the match, which turned out to be Jerry Lawler’s last match in the WWE.

This was because of what happened after the match. Jerry Lawler returned to commentary after the match, but shortly after collapsed, He had a heart attack whilst calling the Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players match.

Michael Cole notified WWE’s doctors who gave Lawler medical treatment. Ever the professional, Cole continued to call the match and revealed the status of Lawler’s condition once the match was complete. The rest of the show continued without commentary.

It was later revealed that Lawler was clinically dead for 30 minutes before he was revived by doctors. He was replaced on commentary by Jim Ross for 9 weeks before returning to WWE TV. He continued with feud with CM Punk but was never cleared to set foot into the WWE ring ever again.

During his last match Jerry Lawler was hit by Dolph Ziggler’s elbow drops in quick succession. These elbows hit him in the heart, although they were not the cause of his heart attack. Nevertheless, this move became known as “The Heartstopper Elbows” for a time, in reference to the harrowing moment.

Jerry Lawler Wrestled In 2023 At Age 73

Despite wrestling his last WWE match in 2012, Jerry Lawler continues to wrestle deep into his 70s.

His last match so far took place in January 2023, at the ripe old age of 73. This is the same age that Ric Flair was during this last match, although Lawler has taken care of himself much better than Flair did and fared much better inside the ring.

Jerry Lawler’s latest match was at AML Acts Of War Games 2, a local event taking place at the Benton Convention Centre in North Carolina. He wrestled against The Beer City Bruiser, a legendry character from the independent scene.

No footage of the match is available but we do know that Jerry Lawler won the match, likely with his trademark Piledriver. You can see The Beer City Bruiser’s pre-match promo down below.

Just weeks later, Jerry Lawler suffered a stroke. He was taken to hospital in critical condition but has made a good recovery. It is likely he will never step into the ring again due to this and is retired from wrestling.

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