John Morrison Praises Bad Bunny For Wrestlemania Match

Hamish Woodward

Bad Bunny impressed millions of people when he stepped into the ring at Wrestlemania 37 for one of the best celebrity matches in WWE history.

While Logan Paul may have surpassed him as the greatest celebrity wrestler of all time, all eyes were on worldwide recording artist Bad Bunny when he stepped into the WWE ring for the first time.

After months of feuding with John Morrison and The Miz, Bad Bunny joined forces with Damian Priest for a huge tag team match at Wrestlemania 37. Expectations were low for Bad Bunny, as he had never wrestled before and, as the world’s highest selling recording artist, would not want to risk injury that would affect his upcoming world tour.

However, he shocked everybody. Bad Bunny put on an incredible performance against John Morrison and The Miz. He hit a number of exciting moves during the match, including a suicide dive, a suplex and many more.

The most impressive part of the match was when Bad Bunny hit John Morrison with a Canadian Destroyer on the outside, The move was incredible and something that only the most experienced wrestlers can pull off. It showed just how much he wanted to put on a good show, putting his own safety on the line to pop the crowd.

John Morrison recently had an interview with Denise Salcedo. The former ECW Champion spoke about his match with Bad Bunny, noting how much respect the singer had for the pro-wrestling business.

“I think the amount of respect he had for the art of professional wrestling. The amount of passion that he had for doing really well. It was really cool to see someone of his star meter [or] star value. Just the number one recording artist in the world, be a wrestling fan and decide, ‘I want to do this, but if I do do it, I don’t want to do a bad job. I want to do an amazing job and that’s going to take a lot of work.’

He put that amount of work into the performing well at the match we had at WrestleMania. I got to see that and realize, ‘You know what? This is exactly why this dude is successful. He’s very smart. He knows incremental work leads to incremental improvement. He doesn’t mess around and he takes doing his job very seriously.’ Whether that’s wrestling or music, but he doesn’t necessarily take himself seriously. He’s down to joke around and have a good time. He’s a very nice guy.”

John Morrison on Bad Bunny match at Wrestlemania 37

Denise Salcedo also asked about the famous Canadian Destroyer. Morrison revealed that he had to fight for WWE to let him take it from the inexperienced wrestler, noting that he agreed because Bad Bunny “wanted to do something cool”.

“I had to fight for that. A lot of people did not think that we should do that. They were worried about my safety. I was like ‘My safety? come on’. He wanted to do something cool. I suggested that.

He was a little nervous until we did it a few times. I think then he was stoked about the possibilities. Then when it was raining again on the day, we had to convince people that it’s fine in the rain. The rain actually would make a lot of things more dangerous, but not that probably.”

Bad Bunny pinned The Miz to win the Wrestlemania 37 match after hitting a crossbody from the top rope whilst the former WWE Champion was on the shoulders of Damian Priest. He later appeared in the 2022 Royal Rumble match as a surprise competitor. Bad Bunny is also a former WWE 24/7 Champion

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