Seth Rollins Calls John Cena “The GOAT” In WWE

Hamish Woodward

Seth Rollins stands over John Cena as WWE and United States Champion

Seth Rollins has declared John Cena “The GOAT” as he looks forward to playing against The Champ in this years edition of the WWE video game.

John Cena was chosen as the cover star of WWE 2K23 and is the featured wrestler in the 2K Showcase Mode. Fans of the 16 time champion will be able to play 13 classic John Cena matches with a twist. The matches he won in real life, fans will try to change history and beat him to the punch.

Seth Rollins may be included in that mode, if the team want to add their TLC match from TLC 2014 into the mix. John Cena won that bout against the former Shield member, but fans will be able to go back in time and change the course of history with a victory for “The Architect”.

Seth Rollins reminisced about his past with John Cena during a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. The former WWE Champion named John Cena as “The GOAT”, which means “Greatest of all time”. He also named Cena as ” a mentor” and admitted that he is happy to just be a small part of John Cena’s incredible career.

“John [Cena] is the GOAT. John’s the best. John is incredible. I’m a footnote, really, in his career, you know, John influenced so many talents over the years. He was a generational guy.

“For me, though, on the other side of that – John influenced what I do so heavily. I took a ton of inspiration from John. I learned a lot being in the ring with John. I learned a lot watching John behind the scenes. John still is a mentor to me, even now that he’s not around that often.”

“It’s awesome to see him portrayed in this way (WWE 2K23 cover), the legend that he is. I’m very excited to see what his story mode looks like throughout the game. I’m just a bit part of that. So it’s my pleasure and my honor to be even a little footnote in the story of John Cena,”

John Cena looks set to take on Austin Theory at Wrestlemania 39.

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