Longest AEW Matches In History (Updated 2023)

Hamish Woodward

With the 60-minute Iron Man match main eventing AEW Revolution 2023, longer and longer matches are becoming the norm in wrestling in the United States.

This is also true in AEW, where time-limit draws, and 30 minute epics are becoming the norm. Not just on pay-per-view, but also in incredible AEW Dynamite main events, or opening matches.

Wrestling fans want to see the best wrestlers wrestling for as long as possible. This has meant matches have gotten longer, and longer, which is usually great but sometimes a detriment to the match.

In this article, we’ll go through the longest matches in AEW history, detailing how they lasted and which AEW stars but their all on the line in this hour-long epics.

Longest AEW Matches

5. Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega – AEW Full Gear 2019 (38 Minutes, 45 Seconds)

Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley
Jon Moxley took on Kenny Omega in the Lights Out match at AEW Full Gear 2020. This was the longest match ever in AEW at the time, lasting 38 minutes and 45 seconds.

Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega battled at Full Gear 2019, in a brutal and violent “Lights Out” match. While the main event of the show was Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes, Moxley vs Omega took place even after that.

The concept of the lights out match was that it is not sanctioned by AEW and the promoter has nothing to do with the match.

The lights are dimmed, and no titles are on the line (with wins and losses not being counted towards the ranking in this match). There are no rules in the match, and both men go out of their way to inflict as much damage on their opponent as possible.

They followed these directions and more. Both men brought the pain in a way that was unimaginable before, with weaponry, biting and general viciousness the order of the day.

Jon Moxley walked out with the victory over Kenny Omega and all the momentum leading out of Full Gear, and the win cemented him as a top star in AEW on the way to AEW Championship victory.

4.MJF vs CM Punk – AEW Dynamite (39 Minutes, 15 Seconds)

mjf vs cm punk

CM Punk wrestled MJF twice in AEW, but it is the first one we are going to be talking about. While their dog collar match at Revolution 2022 was an iconic match in AEW history, it is their Dynamite match that takes its place on this list.

Lasting 39 minutes and 15 seconds, the two stars wrestled one of the longest AEW matches ever in the AEW Dynamite main event.

The match took place in Chicago, famously the home town of CM Punk. He was a hero in the arena that night and fans wanted nothing more than to see him put away MJF.

Despite throwing everything at the young star, including the Pepsi Plunge, CM Punk actually lost to MJF in Chicago. This was the biggest win in MJF’s career, and he became the first man to beat CM Punk in 8 years.

3. Blood & Guts 2 – Blood & Guts 2022 (46 Minutes, 45 Seconds)

Chris Jericho vs Claudio Castagnoli
Chris Jericho vs Claudio Castagnoli comes after Jericho was swung around the top of the cage at Blood and Guts

The second Blood and Guts match is the third longest match in AEW history.

The 46 minute match pitted Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz, and Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, and Claudio Castagnoli against the Jericho Appreciation Society (Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker).

The match lasted 46 minutes and was one of the longest matches in AEW history. The finish saw Chris Jericho being swung on top of the cage by Claudio Castagnoli, before Sammy Guevara was thrown from the top in a harrowing scene.

2. Adam Page vs Bryan Danielson – AEW Winter Is Coming 2021 (60 Minutes)

Coming in just short at the number two spot in Adam Page’s first defence of his AEW Championship. Hangman hadn’t wrestled since winning his championship, but that did not stop his opponent, former WWE Champion and wrestling legend Bryan Danielson.

Danielson had a penchant for kicking heads in, and he put that skill to great use in the build up to his bout with Page. He systematically decimated the Dark Order en route to Winter is Coming, facing each member in their home town and, in his own words, kicking their heads in.

Danielson turned himself into the ultimate heel on the run up to the bout, luckily up against the ultimate babyface Adam Page.

Page had recently defeated Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship at Full Gear, completed a near three-year arch to become the top face in AEW. Unfortunately, Danielson was determined to end that reign and slot himself on the top of AEW.

Their match was highly anticipated, but blew expectations out of the water. They opened the show on AEW Dynamite, and to the surprise of everybody could not decide a winner.

The pair fought tooth and nail for 60 minutes, ending in a time limit draw after Adam Page almost knocked Bryan Danielson’s head off with a Buckshot Lariat. However, he could not capitalise and the bell would ring before he managed to cover the challenger and win the match.

The match was the longest in AEW history at the time, timing in at exactly 60 minutes. It beat matches like the Stadium Stampede and Blood and Guts to become the longest AEW match of all time.

However, Bryan Danielson beat his own record in one of the greatest matches ever just two years later.

1. MJF vs Bryan Danielson – AEW Revolution 2023 (67 Minutes)

The longest match in AEW history was the 60-minute Iron Man match between Bryan Danielson and MJF at Revolution 2023.

The bout was the main event of the show and lasted an incredible 67 minutes. Both men showed an incredible amount of stamina during the match, going hard until the final seconds and keeping the fans on the edge of their seat.

MJF won the match 4 falls to 3 in overtime, forcing Bryan Danielson to tap out to the LaBelle Lock after 67 minutes.

Danielson won the first fall by pin fall and the second via DQ, when MJF hit his opponent in the testicles. However, that allowed MJF to pin The American Dragon twice in quick succession, levelling the scores 2-2.

MJF won the third with a Heatseeker Piledriver, before Danielson levelled again when he made the champion tap out to the Regal Stretch. He seemed to have the win when MJF tapped out with seconds to go, but the clock ran out before his hand hit the mat.

After much cheating attempts, MJF hit Danielson in the head with an oxygen tank, before locking in the LaBelle lock and forcing him to tap out in overtime. MJF won the match and retained the AEW Championship in the longest match in AEW history, lasting 67 minutes.

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