Bryan Danielson vs MJF Is “The Best Iron Man Match Ever”

Dave Meltzer has declared the main event of AEW Revolution 2023 “the best Iron Man match ever”, as he heaped praise on Bryan Danielson and MJF.

The AEW Championship match main evented AEW Revolution 2023 and saw Bryan Danielson vs MJF in a 60-minute Iron Man Match. The rules meant that the bout lasted the full hour, with the most pinfall’s or submissions winning the match.

The match was not no-DQ, so any disqualifications or count-outs would count as a point for the other team. This added an extra element and stopped MJF from cheating his way to victory.

The AEW Champion forced Bryan Danielson to tap out in overtime, retaining his title and showing the world he is one of the best in the world. The match lasted 67 minutes and is the longest match in AEW history.

“MJF retained the title and man, that was one awesome one hour and seven or five or whatever Iron Man match. The best Iron Man match that’s ever been, I would say. You know I mean it was one of the [best], it was. it was one of the [best]. It was an incredible.”

MJF received some criticism for his performances since becoming the AEW Champion, but seems to have put them to bed with his huge win over The American Dragon.

It looks like “Hangman” Adam Page could be next in line for a title shot, following his victory over Jon Moxley at the event. He debuted a brand new theme song at the show, which could show big plans for a main event push for the former AEW Champion.

However, MJF revealed a list of challengers he wanted to beat when he became AEW Champion. There were nine names on the list, which he tweeted out after winning the belt, with derogatory nicknames for each one.

Bryan Danielson and MJF in the ring with Bryce Remsburg before their match at AEW Revolution 2023

These were;

  • The Pebble (Ricky Starks)
  • The American Dipshit Dragon (Bryan Danielson)
  • Warhoe (Wardlow)
  • Edward (Eddie Kingston)
  • Sensitive Cowboy (Hangman Page)
  • Jungle Jabroni (Jack Perry)
  • Darbs The School Shooter (Darby Allin)
  • Adam “My Brain Don’t Work, So I Can’t Cope” Cole (Adam Cole)
  • “Mr. Clean” Castagnoli (Claudio Castagnoli)

So far, MJF has beaten Ricky Starks and Bryan Danielson, so it looks safe to say that next in line is Wardlow, followed by Eddie Kingston. After that, MJF vs Adam Page could take place, possibly at AEW Double or Nothing 2023 in May later this year.

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