Bryan Danielson Cuts Legendary Promo On AEW Dynamite After MJF Loss

Bryan Danielson cut an all time great backstage promo that aired on AEW Dynamite.

The former WWE Champion lost in main event of AEW Revolution 2023 this week. Danielson battled AEW Champion MJF in a 60 minute iron man match that will go down as an all-time great bout.

It was the longest match in AEW history, lasting 67 minutes. MJF won the match 4 falls to 3, making The American Dragon tap out to his own Labelle Lock.

On tthe AEW Dynamite after Revolution, they played a Bryan Danielson promo he cut backstage following the loss.

The heartfelt speech revealed that Danielson learned MJF was right. He had let down his family and did it for himself and not for them.

He tapped out at the end because MJF’s words rang in his ear. The ones that warned him he wouldn’t be able to walk and play with his two children – Buddy and Birdie Danielson.

Bryan Danielson’s promo ended with him saying “it’s time for me to go home”

I, uh,
I always thought I was doing this for my kids.
You know, I, uh, was forced to retire,
but I wanted to teach them.
If you love something, you gotta fight for it.
And, uh,
what I realized out there tonight,
Max was right.
You know, this whole time, my whole career
has been legs, lungs, heart,
and never giving up.
And that’s always, that’s always what I thought was best, it’s always to fight.
To just fight and fight and fight and fight.
And when I woke up from being unconscious,
and I’m in the LeBell lock,
my first instinct was to f***ing fight.
And then as I was fighting,
I realized I can’t feel my arms.
And my left leg didn’t have any strength anymore.
And when Max said,
after the Iron Man match,
I wouldn’t be able to play with my kids,
it dawned on me.
He’s right.
I was putting myself before my family.

More than tapping out, that made me more ashamed than anything else.
Its time for me to go home.

Bryan Danielson after his loss to MJF at AEW Revolution 2023

The final line could mean many things. He could be leaving AEW to retire, go back to WWE or even wrestle in ROH for a while, until he finds himself again for a rematch with MJF.

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