Enzo Amore Meets AEW Star Amid Rumours Of Joining The Company

Hamish Woodward

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore has been pictured alongside an AEW star, fanning rumours of him making his debut in All Elite Wrestling.

Bryan Danielson and Enzo Amore were spotted at a signing together, with the two former WWE stars posing together for a photo.

It was posted by Amore, who also goes by the names “nZo” and “Real1”, with the simply captioned “Yes!”.

Enzo’s former partner Big Bill (then known as Big Cass) is a key part of AEW, having signed for the company last year. He has been affiliated with Stokely Hathaway and MJF during this time, impressing with his in-ring action.

Enzo Amore, now known as nZo, has been in and out of wrestling since he was released by WWE in January 2018 due to rape allegations, which were later proved to be false. He is one of the best mic workers in wrestling and became a champion in WWE due to them, despite being a below-avergae in-ring worker.

As a duo, Enzo and Big Cass were one of the most exciting tag teams in WWE. They made up for each other inadequacies and were greater than the sum of their parts. It is shocking that as a tag team they never won a tag team championship in WWE, and they were definitely split up way too soon.

Last year, there were rumours that WWE wanted to bring the pair back together for another run, following Big Bill’s debut in AEW against Wardlow.

However, this was proved to be false when Big Bill signed full-time with AEW, while Enzo Amore continued to work on his music while wrestling for independent companies like MLW.

Enzo Amore was fired by WWE in 2018 while Cruiserweight Champion, due to a rape accusation levied at him around this time.

It was alleged that he knew about this and refused to inform the WWE, although that later turned out to be false.

You can read more about why WWE fired Enzo Amore by clicking the link below.

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