Gangrel Denies WrestleMania Return: “My Phone Never Rang”

Despite there being rumours of him appearing at WrestleMania 39, Gangrel was nowhere to be seen at the event.

The former WWE star was said to have been in LA for the event, with reports of him appearing with Edge for a “Brood” entrance running rife on social media.

However, when it came to Edge‘s match with Finn Balor inside Hell in a Cell, former teammate Gangrel was nowhere to be seen.

The former Vampire has set the record straight about his “lack of” WrestleMania appearance.

Gangrel at WrestleMania 39

While appearing on Reffin’ It Up with Brian Hebner, Gangrel was asked if WWE ever contacted him about making a WrestleMania appearance.

The former WWE star revealed that there were discussions about him appearing, but Gangrel never received a call from WWE inviting him to the event.

Edge then told him that he pitched from him to appear at Summerslam and WrestleMania, but that the company rejected it each time.

“They may have discussed it, but my phone never rang. I started reading all the stuff, people were calling me, so I wrote Adam [Edge], ‘Do you know this started?’ He made a joke, ‘these writers think they know everything.’ I laughed.

I tried to tell a guy to tell them, ‘No, I wasn’t doing it,’ but he still ran the story anyway. He goes, ‘To be fair, it was pitched, it just never happened.’ It was pitched, but I never heard about it. I didn’t know anything about it. They never reached out to me. I guess, Edge is always pitching something for me. I think I pitched SummerSlam for me, but it got shot down.”

Gangrel was in LA for WrestleMania weekend, but not for the WWE. He appeared at WrestleCon, alongside fellow WWE legends like Kevin Nash and Rick Steiner.

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