How Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker Nearly Happened At UFC 121

Hamish Woodward

The Undertaker confronts Brock Lesnar at UFC 121

The Undertaker came face to face with Brock Lesnar after the UFC 121 event. Brock Lesnar had just lost a fantastic fight against Cain Velasquez in the first round, in one of the biggest drawing fights in UFC history.

Lesnar would get the win back in Saudi Arabia during a WWE event, but it was the post-match antics that drew the most rumours. Outside the ring, WWE Legend The Undertaker confronted Lesnar as he walked out of the octagon.

The pair locked eyes as they stopped in their tracks. The Deadman was mid-interview, but turned to acknowledge Lesnar after the loss, and challenged him to fight. He asked Lesnar “You Wanna Do It?” before The Beast walked away without a response.

The Undertaker Confronts Brock Lesnar At UFC 121

But on a recent episode of the Hawk vs. Wolf podcast, The Undertaker revealed that he confronted Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 to try and pick a fight with The Beast.

His appearance was an attempt to coax the former WWE Champion back into the company and wrestle him for the first time since 2003. Lesnar was a star in UFC at the time and had little interest in returning.

He revealed that he and Vince McMahon were behind the scheme, but that UFC President Dana White had no clue about the situation. He was angry about Undertaker picking a fight with Brock Lesnar, who was the biggest draw in the UFC at that time.

Obviously it did not work and Lesnar remained in UFC for two more years. He did eventually return to the WWE and did wrestle the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30.

Lesnar won that match and ended The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak, ending 23 years of undefeated matches at the annual event.

Speaking on the Hawk vs. Wolf podcast, The Undertaker said about confronting Brock Lesnar in 2010 in UFC.

“No, I was, I was strictly there to to pick a fight. But pick a fight on our format [in the WWE], not his format [In the UFC]. And it took — I don’t know, we did that and then nothing happened… not until years later.”

 “Unbeknownst to Vince or myself, Dana had no clue what was going on. Yeah, and we weren’t aware of the fact that Dana did not know that I was going to do that. And he was not happy. Yeah, he was not happy that some guy from the WWE is challenging his biggest draw. And yeah, but we thought he was on board with it.”

“It probably could have been [a win-win for everyone]. But again, it didn’t happen for years. I mean it was years later before he got out, he left UFC and then came back to the WWE. So we jumped the gun a little bit on the timing, but it was a buzz in the MMA community.”

He was also asked whether or not he’d ever consider fighting Lesnar in the Octagon, to which The Undertaker stated there was no chance, and he was way too old to start training for a new sport.

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