Jay White Hints At CM Punk Match With Collision Promo

Hamish Woodward

CM Punk vs Jay White could be the next big match set for both men in AEW, after an explosive promo following the main event of AEW Collision.

The brand-new Saturday night show debuted this week. The main event saw CM Punk & FTR defeat Jay White, Juice Robinson and Samoa Joe in Punk’s first match back since All Out 2022.

While the match teased a rematch between Samoa Joe and CM Punk, it was the teased feud with Jay White that got the fans excited.

Punk and White shared some time in the ring, giving a preview of what a match between two of the all-time greats could be like.

Jay White also cut a promo after the match, making heavy allusion to a potential match with CM Punk in the future.

The Kiwi star name-dropped Punk a lot in the promo, which was recorded backstage following the AEW Collision main event.

He warned CM Punk that he hadn’t thanked Jay White for “having the stage to return” to AEW, claiming that AEW wouldn’t exist without Switchblade.

This could be a tease for a future feud, pitting CM Punk vs Jay White in a main event match together.

“CMFTR. CMFTR. A lot of letters being chanted tonight. A lot of letters, more than the rest. CM Punk. CM Punk. CM Punk.”

“Mr Punk. You’ve been around a long time but finally, finally you got your moment with The Catalyst of Professional Wrestling.

“And on that note, Mr Punk – I still haven’t got my thank you from you for having the stage to return to in the first place.”

“Because without me, there is no AEW.”

“And your friends – FTR. Dax, Cash. Be very careful with what you do with those championship belts. Be very careful where you wave them.”

“You see, you wave them in our faces and they’re mighty tantalizing. You see, everything I touch turns to gold and if I want to touch, if we want to touch, if Bullet Club Gold want to touch the AEW tag team division it’ll turn into gold for the Bang Bang Bang.”

“And that ends with FTR lying down flat, looking up at the sky. BANG BANG GANG high rollers, keeping their guns up high.”

CM Punk’s next match in AEW has not been announced, although he is rumored to be appearing on AEW Dynamite this week.

This is likely to set up a match for Forbidden Door, with some claiming that CM Punk vs Hiroshi Tanahashi could happen at the cross-promotion event.

Matches against Samoa Joe, Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega have all been speculated to take place at All In, in Wembley Stadium later this year.

However, based on this promo, there is a chance that CM Punk vs Jay White could take place at the event.

There were reports prior to his return that Punk had taken a liking to Jay White. Some claimed that he wanted to work with the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, in what would be somewhat of a dream match for fans everywhere.

We’ll keep you updated if any more details about CM Punk vs Jay White come to light.

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