Jon Moxley vs Adam Page to end in Texas Deathmatch

Hamish Woodward

The third Jon Moxley vs Adam Page match ended in a roll-up on AEW Dynamite, prompting many to think that a fourth and final match could be on the way.

Moxley pinned Page with a surprise pin fall during a bulldog choke in the opener of AEW Dynamite. It was a rather anti-climatic end to a brilliant match that some thought was the end of their rivalry.

However, neither man was happy with the end of the match. They argued after the match, giving each other the middle finger and forcing Claudio Castagnoli to break them up in the ring.

This looks certain to set up a final match between the two. Adam Page vs Jon Moxley part 4 is likely to take place at AEW Revolution 2023, with some reckoning the final patch in the feud will be a Texas Death Match or something equally violent.

One man who definitely thinks this is wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. The Wrestling Observer founder spoke on the the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, where he suggested their rematch will be either a Texas Death Match or a Las Man Standing match.

“Feels like a they should do a Texas death match or Last man standing match. Because They want to do a clean and decisive finish. I thought it was the perfect setup for either Texas Death match or Last man standing match.

Because in the sense it was, the idea is that one wants to they both want to finitsh the other and not have it end with a cradle, which is the key here is that it ended with a cradle.

When I figure where in February the pay-per-views March 5th, and that’s probably where it should be. I have not talked to Tony Khan about this, but just watching this, that is what I would expect.

Is a match like, some sort of a match like that, some sort of a finale match on the pay-per-view. The First match had, it was not the match that they wanted to be because in with a knockout and they had all their best stuff saved for the last four minutes that you never saw.

Second match was a great match. I think this might have been better than the second one. They’ve got great chemistry together.”

Jon Moxley has wrestled Adam Page three times. The first match was thrown out because Adam Page suffered a concussion. Page won the rematch, giving Moxley a concussion (this time, only in storyline).

This third match saw Moxley pick up the win, leading to the fourth and final encounter in a Texas Death Match at AEW Revolution 2023.

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