Lana Makes Debut As “Hot & Flexible” At AEW All Out 2023

Former WWE star Lana made her debut at AEW All Out 2023, coming to the aid of Miro after his match with Powerhouse Hobbs.

For over a year, Miro had been mentioning his “Hot and Flexible” wife in various promos, teasing a debut for the former Russian manager.

Miro defeated Powerhouse Hobbs at All Out 2023, as fans chanted “Meat!” and “Meat Forever” during the heavyweight encounter. However, Hobbs attacked Miro after the match before Lana made the run in to save her husband.

She hit Hobbs with a steel chair, which he shrugged off and turned his attention to Lana (real name CJ Perry). This helped Miro get back in the fight, hitting Powerhouse Hobbs with a chair to send him packing.

However, instead of embracing in the ring, Miro walked away from Lana, claiming “You’re not real”, reflecting on his many sacrifices on his way to the top of the AEW roster.

This could begin an intriguing storyline involving the pair, likely ending in them reuniting and Lana once again leading Miro to championship glory.

Hopefully this time she doesn’t pretend to be a Russian.

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