Lana Would “Love” To Work With Miro In AEW

Hamish Woodward

Lana AEW

Former WWE superstar CJ Perry, known professionally as the Russian Lana in WWE, has recently revealed that she would love to work with her husband Miro in AEW, if the opportunity arises. Lana hasn’t wrestled since being released by WWE in 2021, although she launched her OnlyFans page earlier this year and was booked for the disastrously cancelled Wrestling Entertainment Series show in the UK in 2022.

Lana was the Russian valet of Rusev in the WWE, helping him win United States Championship gold in 2014. She left him to cheat with Bobby Lashley later on, but returned to side during his bittersweet “Rusev Day” role, before his release in 2020. He soon signed for All Elite Wrestling, but upon her release she failed to appear in AEW, despite fans being happy for her to join him.

While she has so far stayed out of the ring, she has said that she misses working with Miro and would love to join him in AEW. However, she would be equally happy working together in WWE, as long as they are together. She claimed the thing she missed most was being on the road with him and telling stories inside the ring.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, Lana (CJ Perry) said;

“Everything’s on the table. Nothing’s off the table. Everything’s on the table. I absolutely would love to do something with my husband. I met him working with him. There’s nothing more that I truly miss than being on the road with him and telling stories and entertaining people and making people boo us.”

“So yeah, I don’t want to put anything in the box, but I absolutely would love to tell something really compelling and interesting and engaging. And know if it’s in AEW or if it’s in WWE, I don’t put it in a box.”

Miro has been off AEW TV for a while, only wrestling four matches in 2022 so far. He could return soon with Lana by him side and chase either Jon Moxley or MJF for the AEW Championship after Full Gear 2022.

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