Roderick Strong’s Last Match In WWE Before His Shock Release

Fans of AEW were shocked this week, when Roderick Strong showed up, almost a year after his last match in the WWE.

Strong ran in to help save Adam Cole from an attack by the Jericho Appreciation Society, reuniting the two former Undisputed Era team members, for the first time in years.

He set to wrestle in his first match in AEW next week, joining forces with Cole, Bandido and Orange Cassidy to take on the JAS, in what will likely kick off a great run in AEW.

Roderick Strong’s last WWE match came last year, although many fans were not aware that he had even been released.

Roderick Strong’s Last WWE Match

Roderick Strong last wrestled for the WWE in NXT, against Apollo Crews.

The former Cruiserweight Champion battled against Crews on the August 9th, 2022 episode of NXT. He came into the match as the leader of The Diamond Mine, a stable including Brutus Creed, Damon Kemp, Julius Creed.

The pair were in a rivalry, as Crews was sticking his nose in and trying to take control of Diamond Mine. Strong did not take kindly to this, and sought to deal with the tension inside the ring.

In a fun match, Apollo Crews took control the bout. He had the bulk of the attack on Strong, although Roderick Strong showed his resilience as the leader of the Diamond Mine.

Despite a series of backbreakers, Crews managed to tap into his reserves, hitting a gutbuster and a one-armed Gorilla Press to pin Roderick Strong in his final ever WWE match.

Strong suffered an injury at a house show some weeks after, which kept him off TV for months. He appeared once on-screen with his stable in October, but did not wrestle again until his release, at some point in 2023.

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