Unreleased Jeff Hardy Entrance Music Finally Revealed By Chris Jericho

On an episode of Talk is Jericho, a new entrance theme for Jeff Hardy was revealed.

The previously unreleased theme was meant to be used by Jeff Hardy as his entrance music, adding to his already legendary catalogue of his entrance themes,

In the episode of Talk is Jericho, titled “The Hardy Boys Return – Extreme & Elite”, Matt and Jeff Hardy talked about a number of different topics, from all through their career.

The duo talked about Jeff Hardy being offered a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, their debut in All Elite Wrestling, as well as telling stories about their famous TLC matches, and the late, great Owen Hart.

Jeff Hardy Entrance Music

The unreleased Jeff Hardy entrance theme song was revealed by Chris Jericho on the Hardy Boys episode of his podcast, Talk is Jericho.

On the episode titled “The Hardy Boys Return – Extreme & Elite“, Jericho introduced the episode to talk about Matt and Jeff Hardy, before playing this new, unreleased theme song.

The song took elements of his old theme song, but had a more grunge, yet spacey vibe to it. It had some cosmic-based lyrics, and had an interesting sound to it.

The song is by PeroxWhy?Gen, the band headed by Jeff Hardy, and also including former WWE Superstar Shannon Moore.

You can listen to the audio for the song by clicking the link below.

PeroxWhy?Gen have made a number of entrance songs for Jeff Hardy, including the themes he used in TNA.

Click below to hear Jeff Hardy’s entrance music from TNA, or click the link at the bottom to learn about Jeff Hardy’s disgusting custom title belt.

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