Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose Was Planned For WrestleMania 30

Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose only happened once in singles match in WWE, prior to the latter’s exit from the company in 2019.

Ambrose walked out of the company at the end of his deal, wrestling his last match alongside his teammates in a Shield reunion special.

Now working as Jon Moxley in All Elite Wrestling, he is a three-time AEW and currently the head of the villainous stable, The Blackpool Combat Club.

However, in the WWE he is a former WWE Champion and one of the top faces the company had. Due to this, he only wrestled against Roman Reigns once, but was meant to take on his teammate much earlier, on a much bigger stage.

Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose At WrestleMania 30

The first time Roman Reigns was planned to wrestle against Dean Ambrose was at one of the biggest shows of all time – WrestleMania 30.

This would have been the implosion from inside the Shield. Battle for Ambrose United States Championship, it would have signalled the end for one of the most beloved teams of all time.

It’s also likely it would have been the first big singles win, Reigns. He was being groomed as the big star in the group, and a mid-card title win would have done wonders to get the crowd on his side at the time.

It also came during a time where they was dissension in the Shield’s ranks. Ambrose and Reigns clashed inside the ring during matches, angering each other by not tagging in, costing them wins and just generally bickering.

The Shield break-up seemed imminent. However, you may recall it did not happen that way. The trio wrestled against The New Age Outlaws and Kane at WrestleMania 30, and beat Evolution and the next two pay per views.

However, the original plan for WrestleMania 30 has been revealed, by none other than CM Punk. He posted a photo of an original plan given to him by WWE, prior to him walking out of the company after the 2014 Royal Rumble.

The plan showed a number of interesting matches. CM Punk vs Triple H was set to take place, as was Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus and Big Show vs Kane. However, the most interesting match on the sheet was Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns for the United States Championship.

One noticeable absence on the card is Seth Rollins. While he does not have a match, it is likely that he would be involved in some capacity with the Ambrose vs Reigns match.

Survivor Series 2015

The only time Roman Reigns wrestled Dean Ambrose in a singles match was at Survivor Series 2015.

This came in the final of a WWE Championship tournament. After Seth Rollins was forced to vacate the title due to injury, a tournament was made to crown a new champion.

The final occurred at Survivor Series 2015, pitting Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose in a huge clash. Reigns won the title with a spear to Ambrose, but Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank immediately after, to ruin the celebrations.

Seth Rollins On WrestleMania 30

Fellow Shield member Seth Rollins confirmed the plans for WrestleMania 30. He revealed in an interview that Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns was planned for the event, with the Shield splitting up in January 2014.

What happened was, they wanted to break us up back in January [2014], maybe December. They wanted to go to Ambrose and Roman and at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans. I was left out. Maybe a special referee or something. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ They wanted to break us up and we had just turned the corner into being babyfaces. Over time, it was like, ‘they’re too cool, we can’t boo them anymore.’ We were like, ‘No. What are you doing? We’re not ready for that yet, we have a whole run as babyfaces.

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