Saraya Thinks CM Punk and Elite Should “Find Common Ground” To Wrestle

Saraya has revealed that she thinks CM Punk and The Elite should find “common ground”, and put their feelings aside to have the blockbuster match the fans want to see.

The English star has recently been speaking to the media, regarding the upcoming AEW show in the UK later this year.

She revealed how she wants her famous family to be involved in her match, but also spoke about her desire to see CM Punk vs The Elite in AEW some time down the line.

Speaking to BBC Norfolk, promoting the upcoming AEW All In show at Wembley Stadium, she spoke about the controversial relationship between CM Punk and The Elite.

CM Punk spoke out against The Elite after All Out 2022, disparaging them and the company in an expletive-laden rant, targetted toward Adam Page and The Young Bucks.

This culminated in a backstage fight, which ended up in all the men involved being suspended. The Elite have since returned to TV, but an injury to Punk means he remains on the shelf.

He is expected to have returned by August for All In, and Saraya is one wrestler who will be happy to see him back.

“I said this before with with Punk, he’s always been an absolute sweetheart to me,” the British star says.

“He’s been very helpful, given a lot of advice over the years, since basically near the beginning of when I was in WWE.

“And then coming into AEW, he had reached out to me and it’s just like, if you need anything, you know.

“He’s just he’s really awesome.”

She also spoke about the relationship between CM Punk and The Elite, and giving her view about their actions following the backstage altercation.

Growing up in a famous wrestling family, she is an expert in all things related to the wrestling business. Saraya revealed that, if it was her, she would put her grievances aside and work with whoever upset her.

She knows that the business is about making money, and throwing that away over a fight is not the best way to do business.

“I feel like you know, if people don’t like each other, like you have to find that common ground in a professional setting,” She says.

“I’ve never let my personal feelings get in the way of business at the end of the day.”

CM Punk is rumoured to be facing off against The Elite at All In. The two rumoured matches are either CM Punk vs Kenny Omega, or him teamign with FTR to take on Omega and The Young Bucks.

Meanwhile, Saraya is expected to wrestle against Jamie Hayter, in a match for the AEW Women’s Championship.

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