What Happened To Bray Wyatt (WrestleMania 39 Absence?)

What happened to Bray Wyatt? Fans are wondering why his match against Bobby Lashley has been cancelled for WrestleMania 39.

Upon his return at Extreme Rules 2022, fans were excited to find out what Bray Wyatt would be doing at WrestleMania 39.

Rumours swirled about who his opponent at WrestleMania would be. Could it be Brock Lesnar? Bobby Lashley? Maybe even Uncle Howdy?

Well, as it turns out, it was nobody.

Why? Keep reading to find out what happened to Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 39.

What Happened To Bray Wyatt?

Bray Wyatt’s match against Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39 has been cancelled, according to recent reports.

The match was set to take place at the biggest event of the year, although it was not revealed which night it was due to take place on.

This would have been Wyatt’s first match since he defeated LA Knight at the Royal Rumble, in the much derided Mountain Dew Pitch Black match.

It would also have been his second match since returning to the WWE in October last year, in what has been quite a disappointing second run in the company.

During the very successful WWE house show in Denver, less than a week before WrestleMania 39, Bobby Lashley appeared on a special edition of Miz TV.

He cut a promo to the live crowd, complaining how he didn’t have a match for WrestleMania this week. The show will take place on April 1st and April 2nd, leaving plenty of time in the event for an impromptu Bobby Lashley match if needed.

There have been many rumours about why Bray Wyatt will miss the match at WrestleMania 39. It has been theorised that he has a serious injury, or else if possibly suffering from a mental health condition.

Bobby Lashley vs Bray Wyatt was not one of the most anticipated matches, with fans still upset at the poor match at the Royal Rumble featuring Wyatt.

The build for this match has also been lacklustre, not inspiring confidence in Triple H’s booking.

What happened to Bray Wyatt to have this match cancelled is currently unknown. He has been reported to have suffered a “gruesome” hand injury at the start of 2023, although that did not stop him facing LA Knight at the Royal Rumble.

Fightful reported that Bray Wyatt was missing from WWE TV, and by extension WrestleMania, due to a “physical issues“, although, once again, everyone is beign quiet regarding what happened.

With his match cancelled, and Bobby Lashley moved to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, it is extremely unlikely that Bray Wyatt will appear at WrestleMania 39.

Bray Wyatt’s Stable Was Cancelled

luchasaurus wyatt family

After missing WrestleMania 39, it seemed like the bad news had to be over for Bray Wyatt.

Unfortunately not.

The former WWE Champion was reported to be given his own stable upon his return to WWE, rumoured to be named Wyatt 6.

Wrestlers Vincent and Dutch were said to be signed to join up with Bray, but recent reports indicate that they have not been.

Even worse, Triple H is said to have cancelled plans for the stable, leaving Bray Wyatt in a lurch as to what happens next for him in the WWE.

Was Vince McMahon right to release him, after what happened to Bray Wyatt in WWE since his return? Tell us what you think down in the comment section below.

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  1. if the wwe was smart, they need to keep bray wyatt. he brings in a flair like no other. logically be like another undertaker mantra


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