WrestleMania 39 Could Be Edge’s Last Match In WWE

Edge‘s last match in wrestling is creeping closer and closer, as fans make peace with the idea of letting go of the Rated-R Superstar one more time.

His retirement in 2011 was an emotional affair, with the Canadian superstar being forced into hanging up his boot due to injuries. A hall of fame induction followed and, he seemed clear of the business for good.

However, a surprise Royal Rumble appearance in 2020 restarted his career, and he came back for one last run with the WWE.

However, three years on and the time seems to be running out. Edge is turning 50, and his career is slowing to an end. Could WrestleMania 39 be Edge’s last match in the WWE?

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Edge’s Last Match Could Be Against Finn Balor

WWE Hall of Famer Edge could be wrestling his final match this year at WrestleMania, if rumours are to be believed.

The Canadian is set to take on Finn Balor at WrestleMania 39, battling him inside a Hell in a Cell match. This is also likely to feature the return of Balor’s Demon, an alter ego that makes him near-unstoppable.

This match has been brewing for the past year, since Edge formed Judgement Day last year at WrestleMania. Hopefully, this will be the end of the feud and the group can move on to other things.

However, it’s Edge’s future that is up in the air. His WWE contract is reported to be up soon, although an exact date is unclear. The former WWE Champion will have no shortage of suitors once that happens, but it could mean that he hangs up his boots for good.

Given his previous injury history (he was forced to retire in 2011 due to neck injuries), he will be eager not go out on his terms this time.

While Finn Balor is not the youngest star in the company, he still has a good decade left on top if he stays healthy. He would be a good choice for Edge’s last match, and a win could be used to catapult the entire Judgement Day to the top of the card.

Winning Edge’s last match could earn Finn Balor a title match against Cody Rhodes after WrestleMania. Of course, this is dependent on Cody Rhodes winning the WrestleMania 39 main event against Roman Reigns.

However, Edge has seemed more keen to end his career in Canada. He said in 2022 that he wanted to return to Canada one more time in his career, and it looks like a WWE live event in Toronto could be the last time we see Edge in a WWE ring.

August 18, 2023 is the next time WWE will tape Smackdown in Toronto, so this may be the show we see Edge’s last match in WWE and say goodbye to the Rated-R Superstar for the final time as an active wrestler.

He Could Move To AEW To Tag With Christian Again

Some people have theorised that, when he does leave WWE, Edge will sign for AEW.

Edge has always said that he wanted to reunite with his best friend before he retired. Prior to being forced to hang up his boots in 2011, he had planned to wrestle for one more year, teaming with Christian before wrestling him in his last match at WrestleMania 28.

AEW would provide more options for final dream matches for Edge and Christian. The duo could recreate some of their legendary matches with The Hardy Boyz, 25 years later, but also face some more contemporary stars.

Battles against FTR, the Young Bucks and The Lucha Bros would provide some incredible matches for Edge and Christian in AEW. A feud with The Acclaimed would be thoroughly entertaining also, whilst they could put over The Gunns as the tag team of the future.

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