Daniel Garcia

blackpool combat club

Blackpool Combat Club is the best faction since the NWO

Hamish Woodward

When Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson stepped into the ring together at AEW Revolution 2022, few people could imagine what ...


Why Daniel Garcia is AEW’s next “Four Pillar” member

Hamish Woodward

Daniel Garcia is AEW’s next big star, and one of the few up-and-coming stars who has his spot to be ...

Daniel Garcia could be the next Bryan Danielson in AEW

Hamish Woodward

AEW has made it no secret that they are planning for the future of wrestling. Rather than just signing wrestling ...

Bryan Danielson Reveals New AEW Faction (First Member Revealed)

Hamish Woodward

Bryan Danielson has been one of the best wrestlers in the world for over 15 years. He dominated the independents, ...

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