Why Daniel Garcia is AEW’s next “Four Pillar” member

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Daniel Garcia is AEW’s next big star, and one of the few up-and-coming stars who has his spot to be called one of the “New Four Pillars” in AEW. Recently, Daniel Garcia AEW with Matt Lee and Jeff Parker successfully formed a stable alongside Chris Jericho and Jake Hager named the Jericho Appreciation Society on the Dynamic.

In Jan 2022, Daniel Garcia won the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA) by defeating Canadian opponent, Mike Bailey in the final round.

 Rising star of AEW Daniel Garcia is one of the best young technical pro wrestlers in the company these days. He is poised to become a breakout star now that he’s aligned with Chris Jericho’s latest faction, he Jericho Appreciation Society.

The 23-year-old has been with the company full-time since late 2021 but he has also had huge success across many different promotions despite his relatively young age. His All Elite Wrestling run has seen him put in the standout performances against the likes of Darby Allin, CM Punk, and Lee Moriarty.

Daniel Garcia has received huge praise from none other than the straight Edge Superstar himself. During an interview, CM Punk spoke highly of his opponent, both as a person and a competitor.

” He is light-years beyond his age, CM Punk said. He is just shy of half of my age, and I can just compare him or when I was that young. He is in a greater spot than me when I was on that edge. Each and everything builds off a great foundation and he is fundamentally sound.”

“He is trained by AEW Wrestler The Blade – Pepper Parks, who’s an excellent wrestler, Punk continued. He is so respectful, he listens, and he is not corny and does not kiss a — He is everything I possibly want in a pro wrestler on a TV show.”

Daniel Garcia in AEW

  • Before All Elite Wrestling

Daniel Garcia worked for Empire State Wrestling, Capital City Championship Combat, Beyond Wrestling, and Limitless Wrestling World Championship and won a handful of championships. He has worked with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for a short while as an enhancement talent.

  • Daniel Garcia AEW (2020-Present)

Daniel Garcia debuted on All Elite Wrestling Dark and Elevation, taking part in several tag team competitions. Daniel Garcia rose to fame when he teamed up with 2 points 0 and attacked a range of high profiles stars and competed against Sting, CM Punk, Darby Allin, Jon Moxley, and Eddie Kingston. He and 2point0 are now in a feud against Inner Circle and Chris Jericho.

Why is Daniel Garcia called Red Death?

Garcia goes by the moniker of Red Death in the ring. It’s a nickname that he has carried with him since his independent wrestling times and best describes the youngster’s ominous appearance and technical prowess.

Speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Daniel Garcia revealed that it was fellow wrestler The Butcher AEW (Andy Williams) who bestowed the name upon him:

“The Butcher came up with it. Andy Williams – I started wearing this red gear, I think I was missing a bit steez to my character, and one day, Garcia was like, You know what you need? You need a nickname, these pro wrestlers always have random nicknames, as 2 random words put combine. Ishii is the Stoned Pitbull.

What does that mean? no one knows. It does not make any sense, but it is cool and it gets over. The American Dragon – just a random thing has thrown combine. It was a type of ironic because, at the time, I was even skinnier than I’m now and I had moppy hair and was pale.”

“I was like, it’d be the type of cool if the crowd heard nickname Red Death and all of a sudden I come up, and then I fight super intensity and fight like the 90s every Japan wrestler, but I seem like a 12 years old kid. It’d be cool bait and switch for the crowd. I used it multiple times and it ended up getting over and over. it is really easy for the audience to chant and I think it is an easy nickname to market.”

It’s admittedly, a pretty cool name that somehow fits his wrestling style and feels like a superhero tag straight out of a comic book. It’ll be interesting too how Daniel Garcia fleshes out the gimmick and expands it in AEW.

Daniel Garcia vs Hook

While he has faced many top opponents in AEW, his dream bout appears to be quite unexpected. Daniel Garcia has gone on record to say that he wants a fight with fellow youngster Hook, the son of Taz (ECW Legend).

The AEW son TNT Twitter account recently asked wrestlers and fans alike to name a dream match among Red Death and Hook.

They’re 2 young wrestling stars who’ve garnered a following in the company. Putting the duo combined in a match could provide a glimpse of the promotion’s bright future.

Daniel Garcia in the Jericho Appreciation Society

When he accepted the offer to join Chris Jericho to become a sports entertainer in the show, most of the fans were rather bemused and confused. Given his technical abilities as well as no-nonsense attitude, Garcia feels like he would be a lot better fit to join up with Bryan Danielson and the Black Pool Combat Club instead.

The American Dragon has mentioned in many interviews that he would love to work with Daniel Garcia at some point. It looks like Red Death preferred to sit below the Jericho learning tree in All Elite Wrestling instead, explaining in a recent interview with Simon Miller (YouTuber)  that he already considers himself to be a wonderful technical wrestler and therefore, does not need any guidance in this regard.

AEW star wants to showcase his charm and prove to the fans that he can be entertaining and therefore Le Champion was suitable for him as a mentor. It remains to be seen if a pro career move will pay off for him in the long run, but the early signs are promising.

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