Steve Austin

will steve austin wrestle again in wwe

Will Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle again in WWE?

Hamish Woodward

Stone Cold Steve Austin shocked the wrestling world at Wrestlemania 38, wrestling his first match in 20 years. He took ...

mick foley podcast

Mick Foley Podcast announced as “Foley is Pod” debuting soon

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is finally bringing out his own podcast! The former WWE Champion has appeared on ...

steve austin jeff jarrett

Jeff Jarrett meets Stone Cold Steve Austin in “Broken Skull Sessions”

Hamish Woodward

The next guest to join Stone Cold Steve Austin on his hit WWE Network show “Broken Skull Sessions” has been ...

cody rhodes steve austin

Cody Rhodes reveals Steve Austin’s surprise appearance at NJPW show

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes and Steve Austin both made triumphant returns to WWE at Wrestlemania 38. Cody Rhodes answered Seth Rollins open ...

sasha banks leaving WWE

Sasha Banks leaving WWE after walking out on Raw?

Hamish Woodward

Fans were left speechless after reports of Sasha Banks leaving WWE Raw during the show circulated the internet last night. ...

Big Show Andre the Giant

Big Show reveals issues being Andre the Giant’s son in WCW

Hamish Woodward

big show on andre the giant

Steve Austin reveals reaction after Steve Austin vs Kevin Owens Wrestlemania match

Hamish Woodward

Stone Cold Steve Austin made a huge return at Wrestlemania 38, as a guest on the KO Show with Kevin ...

chris jericho hall of fame

Is Chris Jericho in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Hamish Woodward

Will WWE allow Chris Jericho into the WWE Hall of Fame? Chris Jericho is one of the greatest wrestlers of ...

vince mcmahon vs pat mcafee

Is Vince McMahon vs Pat McAfee the Worst Wrestlemania match ever?

Hamish Woodward

While there were rumours of a Vince McMahon return, nobody REALLY expected to see Vince McMahon vs Pat McAfee at ...

HUGE UPDATE on Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestlemania Match

Hamish Woodward

There has been a huge update regarding a potential Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestlemania match at Wrestlemania 38. It was ...

Steve Austin WWE return

Steve Austin WWE Return “A Done Deal” (Wrestlemania 38 Return)

Hamish Woodward

19 years after he ended his career against The Rock at Wrestlemania 19, a Steve Austin WWE return looks to ...

Hulk Hogan Reveals the Three Greatest Wrestler of all time

Hamish Woodward

Hulk Hogan has recently revealed who he thinks is the greatest wrestler of all time. The debate has raged for ...

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