Bret Hart comments on AEW return rumours – “I’m happy retired”

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Bret Hart to AEW has been a rumour that will not die in recent years, with FTR and CM Punk speaking on social media about their love for the Hitman, and Adam Page even name dropped the WWE Hall of Famer in a promo on AEW Dynamite.

However, Bret Hart sought to quell the rumours a move to AEW in a recent interview, claiming he is “happy retired”. The former WWE Champion last wrestled in 2011 and has struggled with health issues in recent years, suffering from cancer and a stroke in the last 2 decades.

Hart was forced to retire from wrestling in 2001 after a kick to the head from Goldberg caused a concussion that eventually caused him to hang up his boots. It is a grudge that he has held for many years, but he has accepted his retirement enough to know that a move to AEW for Bret Hart is not what he needs at this part of his life.

Bret Hart to AEW

In a recent interview with Mike Dagger for Lucha Libre Online, Bret Hart revealed that he is “happy retired”, with The Excellence of Execution asking “what would I do in All Elite Wrestling?”.

In the interview, Bret Hart said;

“I’m happy retired. I’m a ‘home’ guy now. There’s not a lot I can do in wrestling. People say, ‘What are you going to do? What would you do in AEW?’ It’s like, what would I do? Referee? Manage? Be a chairman? I don’t want to be remembered that way. I want to be remembered as a wrestler.”

The Hitman is not able to take any bumps in the future, so a Sting-like return to the ring is impossible for the former WWE and WCW Champion. Bret Hart in AEW would be limited to a manager role, which he seems uninterested in. Both FTR and CM Punk have been rumoured to want Bret Hart as their manager in recent months and will be disappointed to hear Hart’s lack on interest in the role.

However, Bret Hart did reveal that he does keep in touch with some talent in AEW, critiquing their matches as only The Hitman can and offering his advice, enjoying giving back to the business in the limited form that he can.

“I’d be happy to help a lot of them, and I know a lot of them, and I talk to them, a lot of them sometimes, by text or on the phone, and people call me up and I always got advice and I can always pinpoint little things that can make a difference in a guy’s match or something he’s doing but, I’m a guy that likes being home. So, they’re gonna have to call me on the phone.”

He later went on to reveal that he would like to be a part of AEW, with Bret Hart seemingly a big fan of the organisation. However he reiterated that he would not be signing for the company, claiming “I’m happy at home”.

“There’s a lot of things I would love to be part of with AEW and what they’re doing. I know they’ve got some great wrestlers there and I have a lot of respect for the organization and all that but right now, I’m happy at home.”

Bret Hart in AEW

Bret Hart has previously appeared in AEW. He appeared with Jack Whitehall at AEW Double or Nothing 2019 to reveal the brand new AEW Championship title, before being interupted by MJF and trading barbs with the young star.

You can see that video below.

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