Julia Hart “Is Okay” After Great Muta Bump Is Latest AEW Botch

The House of Black’s Julia Hart revealed she (and her hat) as “okay) after a terrifying bump on AEW Rampage. The AEW star fell backwards off the ring apron, after Buddy Matthews was attacked by The Great Muta during Sting and Darby Allin’s match vs The House of Black.

Julia Hart fell backwards off the apron and towards a table set up on the outside. However, she overdid her landing, missing the table with her upper half and sending her head crashing into the concrete below. It was a terrifying spot and one that was reminiscent of Matt Hardy’s botch at AEW All Out 2020.

Matt Hardy smashed his head on the concrete during a botch spot at AEW All Out 2020.

Julia Hart had a similar AEW botch to Matt Hardy’s one above. She was knocked off the ring, rather than a scissor lift, and with much less force. However, falling with gravity and smashing your head on to concrete will hurt no matter how high up you are and is likely to be a huge risk for a concussion.

Hart’s injury came at the end of a gruelling match between Brody King & Buddy Murphy and Darby Allin & Sting. Julia Hart was at ringside, supporting her faction, and used her presence as an advantage to get an unfair edge over the Two Grown Men Going Through A Goth Phase.

The House of Black gained the upper hand and were about to hit sting with his trademark bat, as he sat cuffed to a steel chair in the ring. Hart stood on the apron, watching the carnage unfold before wrestling legend The Great Muta made a shocking appearance in AEW.

Muta (real name Keiji Mutoh) ran in as his Great Muta character, spitting his trademark green mist in the eyes of Matthews, who inadvertently knocked Hart off the apron and only partially through the table set up at ringside.

AEW have not released a statement about the current situation regarding Julia Hart. It is assumed she received medical attention but nobody has yet to comment about any injuries sustained during the bump.

However, Julia Hart herself has given fans some hope. While her House of Black partner Brody King tweeted out her hat was doing okay (she wore what seemed like an Undertaker-inspired outfit to AEW Grand Slam), Hart confirmed in a reply on Twitter that both “Me and my hat are okay” followed by her trademark “Black Heart” emoji.

While this will quench some fans thirst for knowing, it is not quite as useful a statement as it seems. While she does claim she is okay, there is no mention of her suffering any kind of injury from the fall. Until somebody in AEW or surrounding the situation confirms she has not suffered a concussion or neck injury, we won’t know the full extend of the injury suffered from the bump involving Julie Hart, Great Muta and Buddy Matthews.

AEW Botches

Julia Hart’s botch was just one of many in AEW recently. Here is just a short list of mistakes that could have been so, so bad for AEW talents and in some instances did cause injury, for example Ruby Riott;

  • Rey Fenix dropped on his head in match against Jungle Boy
  • Baker’s head getting crushed awkwardly in Athena double team move, potentially breaking her nose
  • Diamante’s awkward powerbomb reversal
  • Dante Martin’s scary botched elimination in the Golden Ticket Battle Royale
  • Julia Hart’s Botch
  • Sting banging the back of his head while going through a table

AEW need to focus on not taking too many risks and working on perfecting what they can do inside the ring. While injuries and mistakes are inevitable, they should be doing all they can to mitigate as much as they can and train the wrestlers to only attempt things they know they can do 100 times out of 100.

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Diamonte’s awkward powerbomb reversal

Dante Martin’s scary botched elimination

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