Kris Statlander Wants “More Than A Woman” As AEW Entrance Music

Hamish Woodward


AEW’s Kris Statlander has revealed which classic song she would want as part of her dream entrance music.

With the recent spate of classic songs being used as wrestler’s music, Statlander has thrown her hat into the mix and included a 1970s hit as her dream song. The Alien Wrestler has previously used a tune written uniquely for her by AEW’s in-house musician Mikey Rukus, and recently changed to another, darker version of her song.

She has also come out to the songs of her Best Friends teammates. Most notably, the song used by Chuck Taylor & Trent, as well as Orange Cassidy‘s classic hit “Where is my mind?” by Pixies. He is just one of many stars to use real-life songs in their entrances (he has also just changed his song to “Jane” by Jefferson Starship), with The Elite, CM Punk and Jungle Boy all using top hits to pop the crowd before their matches.

Statlander recently spoke to Jaychele Nicole regarding all facets of her career, which included the entrance music she would love to have in AEW. The AEW star revealed that she would love to have the Bee Gees’ hit “More Than A Woman” has her theme song in AEW. She revealed that she used the music on the indies before signing for AEW but that is also has a broader meaning for her.

Kris Statlander revealed the music was “just so different” and “so fun”, and was a great hit to get the crowd going and in the mood before her matches. It also matches up with her new gimmick, playing the fact that she is “more than a woman”, given she is meant to be portraying an alien from outer space.

“Not the Aliyah one, the Bee Gees one. Yeah, I had the Bee Gees version of the more than a woman song as my entrance on the Indies for a while because it was just so different. And it was just so fun. And it was one of those like, everyone knew it. Just got a crowd in a good mood before a match and stuff. Like it’s like just one of those, like, feel good songs. And then, when I was doing the alien thing, still, I would be like, ‘Oh, she’s more than a woman because she’s an alien.’ And now it’s more than a woman leaves what I am up to interpretation by the audience now. So, it’s kind of like I can be whatever you want to be. Or whatever, however you want to perceive me is whatever you want, because being more than a woman as being more than what meets the eye and stuff like that. So I took it from the song, but then I made it more deep than it is.”

AEW fans have not been able to watch her wrestle for a number of months. Kris Statlander was injured in an AEW Dark match prior to All Out 2022, where she was expected to defeat Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship. It was her second ACL tear in two years and has forced her to evaluate her career and could potentially lead to Kris Statlander retiring sooner rather than alter.

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