Jeff Hardy WWE Return – “I would LOVE to go back!”

Former WWE star Jeff Hardy is set to sign with AEW, he revealed today. On the 325 subscriber “Official Jared Myers” Youtube channel, Jeff Hardy revealed that he was AEW bound.

After his release from WWE in December, fans had speculated that Hardy was set to move to AEW. The former WWE Champion confirmed it, saying that he was “excited” to go to AEW, the second biggest wrestling promotion in the United States and top three worldwide.

Whilst it may have been slightly unclear on what he said in the video, POST Wrestling contacted Myers following the interview. He confirmed that Jeff Hardy had told him he was on his way to the AEW after his 90-day WWE non-compete clause expires in March.

However, in that same interview, Jeff Hardy did not rule out returning for another run in WWE. He was released due to his refusal to go to rehab after acting “erratically” during a house show main event. He reportedly walked into the crowd once finishing his part of the match, and took pictures with fans until he made his way to the backstage area.


Once there, he was confronted by WWE officials. He took a drug test, but before the results were revealed was told to go to rehab or get fired. Jeff, who has struggled with drug issues his entire adult light, refused and was fired on the spot. The drug test later came back negative, and WWE offered Hardy his job back and a Jeff Hardy Hall of Fame spot, which he promptly refused.

Jeff Hardy WWE return

jeff hardy wwe return

When asked if he wants to return to WWE in the future, Jeff Hardy had this to say about what he thought of the WWE.

“Hopefully yeah, I would love to go back. They released me and tried to make me go to rehab but I’m just so over it. My dream match was with Roman Reigns, I’ve talked about that many times but then I said, ‘So you want me to go away for like 28 days just to save my job?’ No. “

“You know what’s important to me? Family. My two daughters, my wife, they believe in me. F*ck WWE man. It’s like a private, personal thing. I’m not going to f*cking go to rehab. If they believe in me, that’s all that matters, my wife and my two girls.”

While he is set to move to AEW in the coming weeks, a Jeff Hardy WWE return is still on the cards. A match against Roman Reigns is certainly a dream match for many people, including Jeff Hardy, and to see Jeff Hardy win another WWE Championship before he retires would be the cherry on the top of his career. Jeff Hardy vs Roman Reigns would definitely be one of Jeff Hardy’s best matches.

Would you like to see a Jeff Hardy WWE return or see him debut in AEW? Would you like to see Hardy Boyz vs Young Bucks? Let us know in the comments or click below to read more.

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