Top 5 Best Randy Orton Matches You Need To Watch

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Randy Orton Best Matches

Randy Orton is one of the greatest ever to set foot in a WWE ring. Some have said that Randy Orton is the greatest heel of all time, while others merely mention his 14 combined World Championship reigns.

In his near twenty year career, he has had no limit of classic matches. Here are just 5 of the best matches in the history of Randy Orton.

All of the matches of the list are available on the WWE network. This is because Randy Orton has spent his entire career inside of WWE.

His lack of experience outside of WWE may be why he is not seen as big of a talent than say Bryan Danielson in AEW, or CM Punk.

Randy Orton Best Matches

5. Randy Orton vs Triple H – No Mercy 2007

No Mercy 2007 was such an odd pay per view. John Cena was meant to face Randy Orton, defending his WWE Championship.

Triple H, on the other hand, had a match set against the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. However, John Cena would suffer and injury on Monday Night Raw before the pay per view, ruling him out of the show and WWE until Royal Rumble 2007.

Because of this, the WWE Championship was vacated. The WWE had an issue on their hands. They had a challenger, but no champion.

Who would the challenger face for the vacant belt? Triple H of course!

The show opened with a WWE Championship match, where Triple H defeated The Legend Killer for the WWE Championship.

It was his first of three title matches that night. His scheduled match against Umaga went ahead, with the title match stipulation added.

Triple H won the match, and would go on to the his third match of the night in the main event. That match was a the scheduled WWE Championship last man standing match against Randy Orton.

Triple H took Cena’s spot, but his gruelling night did not end on a high. The pair had a great match, starting slow and deliberate before picking up the pace toward the end.

Orton would be victorious, winning his first WWE Championship, in a reign that would last through Wrestlemania and beyond.

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