Who is better in The Usos vs Young Bucks?

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the usos vs young bucks

Who would win in a match of The Usos vs The Young Bucks?

Two of the greatest tag teams of the past decade have to be The Usos and The Young Bucks. One is a WWE lifer, being part of the legendary Anoa’i family, with their cousin being WWE and Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The other are a pair of Executive Vice Presidents and two of the biggest stars in AEW and one of the most influential tag teams of the 21st century.

Jimmy and Jey Uso are the two twins that compromise The Usos, while The Young Bucks are another pair of brothers, Nick and Matt Jackson. Being two sets of brothers, the two tag teams have drawn comparisons from fans since early in their careers, and both have achieved incredible success.

The Young Bucks have won championships all over the world, putting tag team wrestling back on the map in wrestling, proving that tag team wrestling can main event shows just as much as a singles match can. Despite a terrible run in TNA, The Young Bucks climbed to the top and won tag team championships in companies such as PWG, ROH, AEW and NJPW.

Meanwhile, The Usos have spent their entire career in WWE and have won almost every championship possible to win the company. In addition, they have helped their cousin Roman Reigns to hold on to his Universal championship for over 600 days, a record for the championship.

Fans have often wondered who would win a The Usos vs Young Bucks match, although the match is almost certain to never take place. Both teams look unlikely to ever leave their respective companies, and an AEW vs WWE show seems as unlikely to happen as anything.

The Usos vs Young Bucks

The Usos vs The Young Bucks is a dream match for many in both AEW and WWE. They are two of the most popular teams in either companies history and featuring some of the most impressive collection of championships ever. However, seeing the four men step inside a ring together is unlikely but one match everyone would love to see.

The debate on which of the two teams is best has been raging online over recent years. With both sets of brothers showcasing incredible in-ring skills over the years, wrestling fans have struggled to the consensus who is the better team between the Young Bucks vs The Usos.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com put out a Twitter poll this week, trying to get a consensus from fans to answer once and for all who is the best team team between the Young Bucks and the Usos. After over 40,000 votes from Twitter users, fans came to a consensus on who is better in The Usos vs The Young Bucks.

Twitter users voted in their droves, and after 40,858 votes, Sean Ross Sapp concluded that the Young Bucks were better than The Usos after achieve 54% of the votes, compared to 46% for the Usos.

The Young Bucks vs The Usos will never happen in the ring, so unless you create the Young Bucks on WWE 2K22, this is the closest to a match between the two that we will get.

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