Eddie Kingston Is The New Tommy Dreamer? He Doesn’t Think So

While he has been compared to many stars, like Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Kingston has recently drawn comparisons to another legend of the ring.

With his incredible support from the crowd as the “Everyman” wrestler, Eddie Kingston has similarities with ECW legend Tommy Dreamer. Both are New Yorkers, but share much more inside the ring.

Dreamer, like Kingston, famously struggled to ever win the ECW Championship, only holding the gold at the tail end of the promotions’ life.

Tommy Dreamer wins the ECW Championship in the WWE.

While Kingston has challenged many times for titles in AEW, he has yet to hold any gold in the promotion.

In his battles with Jon Moxley in 2020, the fans got so behind him that it seemed impossible that he would not win the title. He even got cheered against CM Punk, showing just how much the fans love Eddie Kingston.

This is where the Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Kingston comparisons come from. However, one legend of the ring does not think they apply at all.

Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Kingston

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Speaking during an interview with Chris Jericho, Tommy Dreamer addressed the comparisons between himself and Eddie Kingston.

Dreamer decried the comparisons between himself and Kingston, stating that Kingston actually wins big matches (like Blood and Guts) unlike Dreamer, and looked like a real threat against stars like Chris Jericho.

He also noted that Jericho also beat Chris Jericho, and had other big wins in the company.

With fans saying Eddie Kingston is like Tommy Dreamer because he “never wins the big one”, the ECW legend thinks that is wrong, because Kingston does win some of the big ones in AEW.

Speaking on Talk is Jericho, Tommy Dreamer said;

“So didn’t need that to happen, a lot of people, you know say ‘oh he’s the new Tommy Dreamer for AEW he never wins the big one’ he already beat him on the pay-per-view and his group won [Blood and Guts].

He didn’t get the pin or the submission, but still, it was his group that won the thing. Eddie [Kingston] will get more in losing and hanging with that Chris Jericho, especially in that type of match,”

I don’t think Eddie Kingston needed to win that match. He made good on his promise to make [Chris] Jericho bleed, he did that right off the bat. Also, Eddie Kingston’s already beat Jericho,” he added. [1:38-1:50].

Eddie Kingston actually wrestled against Tommy Dreamer, but only once.

They battled in a 2010 match in Chikara, a former promotion known for it’s wild and wacky storylines.

Eddie Kingston vs Tommy Dreamer ended in a disqualification, and two days later they teamed together in defeat against Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (Ares & Claudio Castagnoli).

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