Thunder Rosa

Britt Baker Admits She Doesn’t Like Thunder Rosa

Britt Baker has admitted that she doesn’t like Thunder Rosa, after months of rumors about their relationship in AEW. Britt ...

Hamish Woodward

Thunder Rosa Injury Update Amid AEW Collision Debut

Thunder Rosa has given an update on her recent injury, before the upcoming debut of AEW Collision on Saturday. The ...

Hamish Woodward

The Iconic Thunder Rosa vs Britt Baker Made Women’s Wrestling In AEW

When looking at the biggest feuds in AEW history, one that has gone overlooked in the past few years is ...

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Thunder Rosa On Face Paint & Dia de los Muertos Inspriation

Former AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa has revealed the origin behind her face paint, following her return to AEW. The ...

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Thunder Rosa Almost Joined WWE As A Referee

Thunder Rosa almost became a WWE referee, and considered retiring from the ring when times got tough. The Mexican star ...

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Thunder Rosa’s Injury Return Delayed – “I don’t think I’m going to be cleared anytime soon”

Thunder Rosa‘s return from injury looks to have been delayed, with some bad news coming out of her recovery. The ...

Hamish Woodward

Thunder Rosa Stripped Of AEW Women’s Championship After Injury?

AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa could be stripped of her championship this week, after reports of her injury recovery rate ...

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thunder rosa retirement

Thunder Rosa Retirement Plans Revealed as AEW star ponders end of career

Coming in to AEW as the NWA Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa has come a long way to become the AEW ...

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britt baker wwe

Britt Baker reveals WWE were interested in former AEW Women’s Champion

Since the star of AEW, Britt Baker has led the women’s division as the top female star in the company. ...

Hamish Woodward
Next AEW Women's Champion

Who Could Beat Britt Baker to become the Next AEW Women’s Champion

It has been nearly four months, and Britt Baker sits atop the women’s division as the AEW Women’s World Champion. ...

Hamish Woodward

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