Who Could Beat Britt Baker to become the Next AEW Women’s Champion

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Next AEW Women's Champion

It has been nearly four months, and Britt Baker sits atop the women’s division as the AEW Women’s World Champion. She has reigned above the Women of AEW with an iron fist, and has made all the matches she in is must see. The questions begs though – Who will dethrone Britt Baker to become the next AEW Women’s Champion?

Britt Baker & the next AEW Womens Champion

Britt Baker started out as a face in AEW, but fans quickly revelled in hating of the dentist. She soon began to resent the audience, and became the biggest bag guy in the AEW womens division.

With lackeys Reba and Jamie Hayter in toe, it’s unlikely anybody can oust Dr Britt Baker DMD.

Britt Baker beat Hikaru Shida at Double or Nothing, ending the Japanese Stars record setting 372-day reign. Since then, Britt Baker has been THE star of the AEW womens division.

She has seen off challengers like Kris Statlander and Ruby Soho in bids ton continue her reign as the AEW women’s champion.

But, like all great things, her title reign must come to an end. Here are just a few ideas of who could end the reign of Dr Britt Baker, DMD, and become the new AEW Womens Champion of the world.

Next AEW Womens Champion

Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa seems like the obvious choice to be the next AEW womens champion. She beat Britt Baker in their Lights Out match back in March, one of the best AEW matches in history.

The pair have not interacted since, as it seems AEW have been keeping them apart for the eventual, explosive rematch.

Thunder Rosa is one of the most popular women in the roster. Fans all over the world cheer for Thunder Rosa, and want her as the next AEW Women’s Champion.

She came so close to becoming next in line to face Dr Britt Baker, just falling short to winner Ruby Soho in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out.

Thunder Rosa seems the natural choice to beat Britt Baker. She bested her in the bloody Lights Out match, and looks to have Dr Britt Baker’s number.

The fans would be firmly behind the women from the Graveyards of Tijuana Mexico to become the new AEW Womens Champion.

Tay Conti

Tay Conti AEW Womens Champion could what you see on AEW posters very soon.

The Brazillian grappler has made incredible strides since her release from NXT, and is one of AEW’s fastest rising stars.

The tiny Brazilian Judo fighter has transformed herself in AEW, and has become one of the most beloved faces in the women’s division.

She still has a way to go before she reaches her full potential, but she certainly has the ability and likability to become the AEW women’s champion.

You could argue that it is too early for Tay Conti to become the AEW Women’s Champion, and that’s fair. It could be better suited for her to become the first TBS Championship, the upcoming secondary women’s championship.

Kris Statlander

The Alien of AEW had a fantastic match with Britt Baker at All Out, narrowly being defeated by the Baddest Bitch on the Block.

Kris Statlander has recently returned from a horrific injury, and aligned herself with the Best Friends (Who had a classic five star match with the Best Friends vs Santana and Ortiz match).

She has come on leaps and bounds since then, becoming one of the best women in the division. Here move set filled with impressive power moves is unique for the women’s division and a joy to watch.

A rematch with Baker is unlikely, but watching Statlander overcome her failures to become the next AEW women’s champion.

To read more about Kris Statlander, check out my article about her Kris Statlander AEW.

Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is destined for greatness. She has something that no woman in AEW possesses. Yes, she is green and has barely been wrestling for a year. But she has a presence that any other woman in AEW could dream of.

If AEW decide to give Britt Baker a lengthy title run, Jade Cargill could be the ready to take the belt by the time Britt loses it.

Cargill needs to improve in the ring, but with how little she has wrestled before, her current in ring capabilities are impressive.

Jade Cargill could be the next AEW women’s champion. I also would not be surprised to see her as the first TBS Champion. A feud with Tay Conti over the belt, a David vs Goliath feud, would be ideal to start of the new title belts reign.

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