Is Brock Lesnar Leaving WWE after Summerslam 2022 defeat?

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is Brock Lesnar leaving WWE

Brock Lesnar walked out of Summerslam looking like a monster, but failed to take Roman Reigns‘ two World Championships. But is Brock Lesnar leaving WWE?

Brock Lesnar put on a performance of a lifetime in the main event of Summerslam 2022. He fought off Roman Reigns, the Usos, Paul Heyman and Austin Theory valiantly in his pursuit of the WWE and Universal Championships.

The former WWE Champion took it all in his stride, including tipping over the ring with a tractor that he drove to the ring, but eventual fell to the dominant numbers of the Bloodline. This is the fourth time in a row he has been beaten by The Big Dog and went out on his back in spectacular fashion.

This has led fans to speculate if Brock Lesnar is leaving WWE after his loss to Reigns at Summerslam. He has not defeated his counterpart since 2018 and he has wrestled all the top names (and beaten them) in WWE since his debut in 2002.

Some fans thought that Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract could be expiring after the match at Summerslam 2022. However a report from Fightful Select contradicts that speculation, claiming that he signed a new deal after Summerslam 2021.

This new deal would include “8-12” future matches for The Beast Incarnate, According to Fightful Select, an 18-month contract was signed by Brock Lesnar just before WWE Summerslam 2021, which would mean his deal would last until around Wrestlemania in 2023.

Since he signed that deal, he has wrestled in 7 matches in WWE. Lesnar’s matches since Summerslam 2021 are;

  • vs Roman Reigns – Crown Jewel 2021
  • vs AJ Styles vs. Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle vs. Seth Rollins – Day 1 2022 (Winner)
  • 2022 Royal Rumble Match (Winner)
  • vs Bobby Lashley – 2022 Royal Rumble
  • 2022 Elimination Chamber (Winner)
  • vs. Roman Reigns – Wrestlemania 38
  • vs. Roman Reigns – Summerslam 2022

This leaves at least one more match for Brock Lesnar in WWE, or up to 5 more if current rumours about his contract are to be believed. Even at the most conservative estimates, Brock Lesnar is not leaving WWE for one more match at least.

This match could be at Clash at the Castle, the big UK stadium show in Cardiff, Wales in September. It is the first big show in the United Kingdom for 30 years, since Summerslam 1992 which was main evented by Bret Hart vs British Bulldog.

Brock Lesnar may want to have his last match at the biggest show in years in order to help cement his already legendary legacy. He already has multiple world title reigns and ended The Undertaker’s streak but may want to add “main eventing the Millennium Stadium” as another notch in his bow in WWE.

He does not want to work under Triple H

Brock Lesnar reportedly stormed out of Smackdown after Vince McMahon announced his retirement from wrestling this month. Once McMahon announced he was leaving WWE in the hands of Triple H and retiring from the business, Brock Lesnar was said to have walked out on Smackdown just hours before the show was set to go live.

Lesnar was quoted, by Bryan Alvarez and Sean Ross Sapp respectively, to have said “if he goes, I go” (regarding Vince McMahon leaving WWE). This put that weeks Smackdown up in the air and even the main event of Summerslam.

Plans had already been made to change the Championship match at Summerslam. If Lesnar was true to his word and walking out on WWE, Roman Reigns vs Goldberg was suggested as the replacement main event.

Luckily, Brock Lesnar didn’t leave WWE that day and was shepherded back to the arena. He appeared on Smackdown that night and Summerslam weeks later, putting on one of his best performances and making the fans excited to see more of The Beast.

They were rumours of Brock Lesnar to AEW

Brock Lesnar to AEW
Brock Lesnar to AEW

Brock Lesnar has been rumoured to be signing for AEW in the past, when he did not have a deal with WWE sorted out. You can click this link to read about Brock Lesnar’s potential signing with AEW and if he would leave WWE after Vince McMahon left the company.

Do you think Brock Lesnar is leaving WWE? Let us know in the comments what you think or click below to read more about The Beast himself.

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