Is Roman Reigns leaving WWE? Shocking Rumours Revealed

Do you think that Roman Reigns will leave WWE?

Despite being one of the biggest stars in wrestling, not all is as rosy as it seems for Roman Reigns. The Tribal chief recently won in the main event of Wrestlemania and holds both the WWE Championship and Universal Championship, the two highest honours a WWE superstar can win.

He has been featured as the star on numerous TV Shows and Pay Per Views and has even appeared on non-WWE shows such as late night talk shows.

He even had a part in his cousin The Rock’s latest flick, Hobbs and Shaw. This and other rumours have convinced people that Roman Reigns is leaving WWE to move to Hollywood, although there is no confirmation of that just yet.

Despite his immeasurable success and millions of fans (he was the most Googled wrestler in the world in 2021) Roman Reigns could be leaving WWE in the near future, leaving WWE in a lurch and casting doubts over their ever-dwindling main event scene.

Is Roman Reigns leaving WWE?

Roman Reigns is leaving WWE on June 19th 2022. He will take a hiatus from WWE house shows and TV shows from June 19th for 10 weeks, returning to WWE on September 5 2022 (known as Labour Day in the United States).

This was reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, and makes sense of a promo he made earlier this week hinting at him leaving WWE.

While it is only a temporary hiatus for Roman Reigns, it is a worrying sign for the man who has dominated the entirety of WWE for his run in WWE.

Being the double World champion, he has beaten any and all comers who have tried to face him and he has been cemented as the most dominant force in the company.

With nobody able to defeat Reigns so far (including the legendary Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania), when Roman Reigns does leave WWE, it is a toss up as to who will replace him as the champion (with one or both champions).

Everyone who could potentially be seen as a main eventer, like Finn Balor or Edge, has already fallen to The Tribal Chief and would not be seen as credible threats should they face Roman Reigns again.

Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar at the latest Wrestlemania, arguably his greatest achievement

The extended time off could also be a sign of injury for Roman Reigns. He has only wrestled on TV three times this year and could be suffering with injuries that he is hiding in order to keep wrestling as the world champion.

With over 600 days as the Universal Champion he will be hesitant to give up such a legendary reign due to an injury he has demonstrated he could work through.

One match which could be to dethrone him is Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns, although that has not been confirmed by WWE at the time of writing.

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  1. Tonight when Roman Regns wrestles Riddle his cousins need to stay away from the ring. They cheat to much hen reigns is down and someone is about to beat him his cousins r I n in to help him. I think he needs to get beat . And Riddle I think could do it. KEEP JAY AND HIS BROTHER AWAY FROM THE RING UNLESS RAIGNS IS SCARED HE WILL LOOSE HIS TITLE

    • @Kim, Reins as he calls himself is a horrible wrestler who knows how to jump up and punch someone and a modified sleeper hold which is not his for sure. I can’t stand him or his so called cousins who like Reins are not very good.


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