Vince McMahon’s Last Match Ever at Wrestlemania 38?

Despite being 76 years old, we could be seeing Vince McMahon’s last match at Wrestlemania 38. Post Wrestling are reporting that the Charmain of WWE could be stepping into the ring one final time at Wrestlemania on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

Vince McMahon’s last match before this upcoming Wrestlemania came 10 years ago. Aged 66 then, he took on CM Punk on an episode of Monday Night Raw in a street fight. Whilst the geriatric McMahon was getting beaten with kendo sticks, he was saved by Ryback, who was feuding with Punk at the time.

That seemed to call time on the career of Vince McMahon. Despite not having his first match until he was in his 50s, he became a WWE Champion and ECW Champion in his career, and had some memorable matches against the likes of Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels.

However, he looks set to return to the ring at Wrestlemania. We could see Vince McMahon’s last match in the upcoming Wrestlemania 38, where is rumoured to take WWE commentator Pat McAfee in a surprise turn of events.

The report comes as a huge shock, with many fans expecting Vince McMahon to stay retired after 10 years out of the ring. However, in what could be his last Wrestlemania in charge of WWE with a rumoured sale of the company on the horizon, the former WWE Champion looks to be going out with a bang.

Vince McMahon vs Pat McAfee

Vince McMahon vs Pat McAfee looks to be the marquee match on the Wrestlemania card as the Chairman is set to come out of retirement and face the WWE commentator in an “attraction” match.

McMahon is going to be a guest on The Pat McAfee Show this coming week which could be used to set up the angle between the pair leading up to Wrestlemania.

It was Brad Shepard who first revealed that Vince McMahon was considering a return to the ring at Wrestlemania 38. In a tweet about the Vince McMahon last match, he stated that “A source in #WWE told me today that 76-year-old CEO Vince McMahon is CONSIDERING getting back in the ring for #WrestleMania 38.”

“It is absolutely not official, just something currently on the table. Ultimately, it will be up to Vince himself.”

However. while not yet official, it has been reported that officials backstage in WWE have listed McMahon vs McAfee on the card for Wrestlemania. This is not always final however, as WWE listed Ryback vs Ultimate Warrior as one of the original matches for Wrestlemania 30.

Would you like to Vince McMahon’s last matches at Wrestlemania 38 be against Pat McAfee? Would Vince McMahon vs Pat McAfee be better than Vince McMahon vs CM Punk ten years earlier? Let us know in the comments what you think or click below to keep reading.

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