WWE’s Original Planned Matches for WrestleMania 30

Hamish Woodward

If you go back to the 2014 Royal Rumble, nobody had any clue what the plan was for Wrestlemania 30. ...

The Undertaker confronts Brock Lesnar at UFC 121

How Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker Nearly Happened At UFC 121

Hamish Woodward

The Undertaker came face to face with Brock Lesnar after the UFC 121 event. Brock Lesnar had just lost a ...

The Undertaker Wrestlemania Record

The Undertakers WrestleMania Record: Analysing The Streak

Hamish Woodward

The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania record is unlike anything else in sport – by how much do you really know about it? ...

The Undertaker On The Sheik – “He Scared The Sh*t Out Of Me”

Hamish Woodward

The Undertaker may be one of the most terrifying wrestlers of all time, the man himself had one former WWE ...

The Undertaker Would Wrestle Again If He Could

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has reiterated his love for wrestling, revealing that he would wrestle again if was ...

Chris Jericho reveals why he thought Ryback could have ended The Streak

Stewart Harper

The Undertaker’s Streak was one of the greatest win streaks in sports, and everyone had their own idea of who ...

Why Kane More A Mask In The WWE, Explained

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer Kane is one of the most recognisable wrestlers of all time. His red mask and red ...

Will The Undertaker Appear At Wrestlemania 39?

Hamish Woodward

The Undertaker retired in 2020 and is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but will WWE fans see ...

sting vs triple h

Sting vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 31 is WWE’s Stupidest Booking Decision Ever

Hamish Woodward

When WWE announced Sting vs Triple H, fans let out a tepid cheer. They were excited, sure it was a ...

The Undertaker vs Wade Barrett (atletifo.com)

The Undertaker vs Wade Barrett was meant to take place at Wrestlemania 27

Hamish Woodward

WWE planned to have Wade Barrett wrestle The Undertaker at Wrestlemania – potentially putting an end to the legendary streak ...

Could The Undertaker Return At The 2023 Royal Rumble?

Hamish Woodward

The 2023 Royal Rumble coming up in in January and fans are already speculating which WWE legends could could up ...

the great khali undertaker

The Great Khali vs The Undertaker – “It Was A Challenging Match”

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali has recently spoken about his matches with the Undertaker, saying that “it was ...

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