Jeff Hardy to AEW as Hardy Boyz set for “One Last Run”

Hamish Woodward

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Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

The Hardy Boyz look set to have one last run if Jeff Hardy signs for AEW, joining his brother Matt Hardy in the promotion.

Jeff Hardy was recently released by WWE in controversial fashion. He was fired for refusing a trip to rehab when Hardy himself claimed he had not taken any drugs or alcohol. Matt Hardy confirmed that Jeff Hardy had passed a drug test and was not under the influence during the match that caused his firing.

While Jeff Hardy’s future is up in the air in the moment, it could not be clearer for Matt Hardy. The man formerly called “Broken” has aired his views on where he would like his brother Jeff Hardy end up next. Both he and Jeff have been candid about their desire to have one more run together before they retire.

Jeff and Matt Hardy wrestled for years in WWE as “The Hardy Boyz”, as one of the most popular tag teams of the companies history. They won multiple tag team championships, with both men going on to become World Champions in their career. The also teamed in other promotions such as OMEGA, TNA and ROH, winning tag team gold in each.

Matt Hardy for one believes that AEW would be the best place for he and Jeff Hardy to reunite and have one last run as tag team champions. Matt Hardy signed for the company early last year, making his AEW debut on the first episode of the pandemic era and has been a key figure on TV ever since. He was part of the Stadium Stampede, one of the greatest matches in AEW history.

Matt Hardy on Jeff Hardy joining AEW

He was asked about a possible return for the team on a recent podcast. On “The Drive with Josh Gresham”, Hardy claimed that one last run with his brother in AEW would be “amazing” and that there is “no better place than AEW” for the pair teaming together.

“That would be fabulous. I know both of us have stated on quite a few occasions that we both want to end our careers the way we began our careers. And that is as a tag team. That was our dream, as two kids growing up, we wanted to be the tag team champions of the world, at least one time. Obviously, we have very fortunately exceeded that many times over. But I think us teaming together and having one last run as a tag team would be amazing. And I couldn’t think of a better place to do it than All Elite Wrestling,” Matt said.

“One thing I have to say about Tony Khan, I can’t put him over enough for this, he is so good and so great at treating legends like legends. And he has such a smart utilisation of talent. I cannot commend him enough on it. That’s why AEW has been so successful, because Tony Khan has been the guy in the driver’s seat. He has really been putting out a smart product, where he rewards all the wrestling fans in 2021 that are willing to invest a lot of time to watch a product and watch a storyline, watch a rivalry. He always gives them a payoff that’s going to reward them.”

Future Hardy Boyz Run

A Hardy Boyz reunion seemed impossible prior to recent events. Jeff Hardy seemed set for a big push in WWE with the potential to beat Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. However, his release three weeks ago cost him his job in WWE, and if Tony Khan takes the risk and signs the former WWE Champion then the chance for a Hardy Boyz reunion seems likely.

Would you like to see the Hardy Boyz in AEW? Which tag teams would you like to see face the legendary tag team? For me the Lucha Bros vs Hardy Boyz is a dream match, as well as a rematch between the Hardy Boyz vs the Young Bucks. The last time those two faced was one of Jeff Hardy’s best matches.

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