Jon Moxley is the “Greatest World Champion of all time” says AEW President

Jon Moxley is one of four men to hold the AEW Championship. As AEW Champion, he endured the Covid 19 pandemic, no crowds in attendance and unpredictable booking due to illness.

However, he still managed to excel in every aspect of his reign and had memorable feuds against the likes of Chris Jericho, Eddie Kingston and Kenny Omega.

While he would eventually lose the title to Omega, Jon Moxley as AEW Champion would live long in the memory of AEW fans. He is often chosen as the fans favourite to become the first ever two-time champion, and after his recent battles with alcohol, seems poised to be just that.

While he is now part of the Blackpool Combat Club alongside William Regal, Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta, Jon Moxley’s future is in singles competition as a main event star and AEW Champion.

One man who agrees completely with that statement is AEW President Tony Khan, who thinks Jon Moxley’s AEW Championship run is one of the best of all time…

Jon Moxley AEW Champion

Tony Khan praised Jon Moxley as AEW Champion in a recent interview, proclaiming him to the “greatest world champion of all time”.

Not one to mince his words, Tony Khan (not to be confused with WWE President Nick Khan) heaped praise on both Blackpool Combat club members Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson, citing Moxley as the “can’t-miss star of the company right now “.

Speaking to Barstool Rasslin’, Tony Khan said;

“Moxley and Bryan Danielson are two of the great pro-wrestlers not just today but I think of all time. Two great World Champions who have wrestled all over the world and now have competed at the top level. Jon Moxley is one of only four men to ever hold the AEW World title. Again, we talked about Hangman Jon Moxley arguably the greatest world Champion of all time… We only got to see Jon Moxley who has had as many great defenses and great matches as the champion as anybody and I think is the ‘can’t-miss star’ of the company right now “

Tony Khan on Jon Moxley’s AEW Championship reign

There have been recent rumours that Jon Moxley could return to WWE once his contract ends. While he contract would be due to end in this coming month, it is believed that he has signed a contract extension with AEW.

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