The Shield’s Last Match In WWE Insulted One Former WWE Champion

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the shield last match

Who do you think The Shield’s last match should have been against?

From the first appearance at Survivor Series 2012 to the Shield’s last match in WWE at their own special event, no trio has made quite the impact in WWE in such a short time as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (now AEW’s Jon Moxley).

They debuted as CM Punk‘s lackeys but became so much more as their weekly six-man tag team matches wowed crowds and showcased their talents as three incredible individuals but an even better team.

Their run didn’t even last three years, but it built them from three unknowns to main event stars. Their final outing saw them decimate Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton as they beat Evolution in two incredible matches after Wrestlemania XXX to cement themselves one of WWE’s greatest stables.

Seth Rollins would later turn on the group and they would go their separate ways. All three would become WWE Champions and main event Pay-Per-Views, although nobody could ever forget the Shield’s last match against Evolution.

They eventually reunited, but the magic was not there, and they officially disbanded for good when Dean Ambrose left WWE in 2019 to join AEW.

The Shield’s Last Match

the shield's last match

The Shield’s last match ever together took place at a special event named “WWE The Shield’s Final Chapter” on April 21st 2019. The last Shield match saw Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins take on the trio of Bobby Lashley, Drew Mcintyre and Baron Corbin.

The event came months after Dean Ambrose revealed he was not renewing his WWE contract, which expired in April 2019. It was a shock departure from WWE, as Ambrose had been in the company for nearly 10 years and was one of their top stars. He was a former WWE Champion and one of the most popular stars in the roster.

However, former WWE Champion Jon Moxley felt insulted by WWE when the Shield had their last WWE match. The last Shield match in WWE was turned an entire show that was televised on the WWE Network, when originally it was set to be an untelevised house show.

Despite tickets being sold as the place to see Dean Ambrose wrestle for the last time, the now-named Jon Moxley revealed he was only paid a measly $5000 to wrestle a final match with his Shield brothers.

On his interview with Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho Jon Moxley revealed his was paid only $500 dollars for The Shield’s Final Chapter and saw it as a way of screwing with him one last time by Vince McMahon.

Thing is, literally, they turned this into a special, flew in writers and camera men and everything, put it on the Network, basically for me… ” Jon Moxley said about The Shield’s Final Chapter.

Five hundred dollars. Got paid five hundred bucks for that sucker. [Laughter] I can just imagine Vince and like Carrano and them, at the, “What are we gonna pay?” “Five hundred bucks, screw him!” Which is like, the minimum… what you get just to show up and not work.” He said, before adding.

“If you show up to TV and they don’t use you, you get five hundred bucks. Or like I think that’s what extras get.”The Emancipation of Jon Moxley

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