Triple H’s reaction to huge NXT releases revealed

Hamish Woodward

In recent months, WWE releases have gutted NXT from the inside and out. Triple H’s developmental system helped produce top WWE stars like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, but budget cuts have recently taken their toll on the company.

This week, many backstage personel loyal to The Game were released from their WWE deals. The most notable was William Regal, a veteran of over three decades who ran the WWE performance centre. He was one of Triple H’s right hand men, and was planned to help him run Raw and Smackdown when Vince McMahon finally stepped down and he and Stephanie McMahon took charge.

Wade Keller, of the PW Torch Podcast, talked about how Regal and others were part of Triple H “building his team” to take over on the main roster. He has seen to be groomed to take over from Vince for years, but with Nick Khan’s recent addition as President of WWE, and rumours of a company sale, that is looking less and less likely.

Triple H’s reaction

Wade Keller revealed what his sources had told him about Triple H’s feelings on the recent releases.

“I’ve talked with people who had said Triple H was building his team that he would bring with him to the main roster,” Keller said. “And if his day came to run the main roster he wanted his group of people. At some point, it was thought that it would include William Regal and Gabe Sapolsky and Road Dogg and they’re gone.” He said, before adding

“NXT just isn’t what it once was,” Keller said. “I’ve heard just a little about Triple H’s reaction to all of this and nothing super reportable other than it sounds like he’s bummed out.”

Triple H’s current position in the company is currently unknown. It’s thought that Shawn Michaels in currently running NXT in his absence after a cardiac event caused him to have heart surgery. That happened in September, and while he has been seen around the performance centre since, he has not been an active part of the NXT creative team.

Questions have been asked about whether or not Triple H is retired or not. He hasn’t wrestled since WWE Super Showdown in 2019, where he wrestled Randy Orton in Saudi Arabia. He hasn’t wrestled since then, with his last Wrestlemania match being against Batista in The Animal’s retirement match at Wrestlemania 35.

Rumours are swirling about where HHH will go next. Will Triple H go to AEW? Or maybe stay for one more match in WWE? Or perhaps even join the rebooted Ring of Honor as his next project. Only time will tell.

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