Cody Rhodes

AEW Releases 2022

Every AEW Wrestler Released from 2019-2023

Hamish Woodward

One notable thing about AEW is the low amount of AEW wrestlers released by AEW. The company has so far ...

AEW Anthony Ogogo

Cody Rhodes Regrets “Almost Everything” About Anthony Ogogo Feud

Hamish Woodward

At Double or Nothing 2021 back in May, Cody Rhodes defeated Olympic Boxer Anthony Ogogo. Ogogo made the move to ...

Anthony Ogogo vs Cody Rhodes

Anthony Ogogo vs Cody Rhodes – The Problem with Nationalism in Wrestling

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes vs Antony Ogogo is one of the most controversial feuds in AEW history. It took Cody Rhodes from ...

Cody Rhodes “Is Working” On Roman Reigns Rematch In WWE

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes has revealed his plans for a rematch against Roman Reigns, stating that’s he working on getting another title ...

Cody Rhodes Sung Hulk Hogan’s “American Made” In Hilarious Video

Hamish Woodward

Nobody could ever accuse Hulk Hogan of not promoting patriotism. You just have to look at his career in the ...

Cody Rhodes Reveals The Best Match Ever In Wrestling

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes has revealed which wrestling match he thinks is the best match ever – and calls out anybody who ...

Cody Rhodes Wanted Hulk Hogan To Join Bullet Club

Hamish Woodward

Bullet Club is one of the most influential groups in wrestling history, helping make wrestlers like Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega ...

Cody Rhodes Reveals Feelings After WrestleMania 39 Loss To Roman Reigns

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes has revealed what he felt after losing in the main event of WrestleMania 39 against Roman Reigns. In ...

How Hardcore Holly Helped Cody Rhodes During WWE Debut Year

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes is currently one of the biggest stars in wrestling, but you can’t ignore his humble beginnings as Hardcore ...

The Last Texas Bullrope Match In WWE Featured Dusty Rhodes & Randy Orton

Hamish Woodward

With news that Cody Rhodes will face Brock Lesnar in a Texas Bullrope match at Summerslam, we look back at ...

Cody Rhodes Is Reviving Texas Bullrope Match For Brock Lesnar Match

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes is set to revive the Texas Bullrope Match for his clash with Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2023. His ...

dusty rhodes last match

Dusty Rhodes Nearly Became WWE Champion In 1977

Hamish Woodward

While Dusty Rhodes is one of the biggest legends in wrestling history, he never managed to win the coveted WWE ...

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