Roman Reigns

john cena vs roman reigns

John Cena vs Roman Reigns for Wrestlemania 39 Main event?

Hamish Woodward

When John Cena vs Roman Reigns was announced as the main event, the interest for Summerslam 2021 skyrocketed. The show ...

daniel bryan last match

Daniel Bryan’s last WWE match was one of the all time great WWE matches

Hamish Woodward

What did you think of Daniel Bryan’s last WWE match? Nobody knew that just a few weeks after Wrestlemania 37 ...

Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns set for WWE Championship Battle

Hamish Woodward

After his Wrestlemania 38 return to WWE, Cody Rhodes has made his goal in WWE clear – to win the ...

the shield last match

The Shield’s Last Match In WWE Insulted One Former WWE Champion

Hamish Woodward

Who do you think The Shield’s last match should have been against? From the first appearance at Survivor Series 2012 ...

Bron Breakker vs Roman Reigns

Bron Breakker vs Roman Reigns set as Breakker reveals he “Ain’t Afraid”

Hamish Woodward

Former NXT Champion Bron Breakker says he ‘Ain’t afraid” of Roman Reigns as a Bron Breakker vs Roman Reigns match ...

Can Roman Reigns Beat The Rock? (Wrestlemania Main Event?)

Hamish Woodward

The Rock vs Roman Reigns has long been heralded as a future Wrestlemania Main event. If the Rock’s schedule allows, ...

Roman Reigns is the biggest example of Vince McMahon’s failures

Hamish Woodward

As it stands, Roman Reigns is still the Universal Champion. In his near year long reign, he has conquered challenger ...

Roman Reigns The Rock

Why Roman Reigns vs The Rock will be the last great Wrestlemania Main Event

Hamish Woodward

With Roman Reigns set to take on The Rock in the Main Event of Wrestlemania, we take a look at ...

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