What Happened To Uncle Howdy After Bray Wyatt Died?

Before the untimely death of Bray Wyatt, Uncle Howdy was one of the most confusing and intriguing characters in all of wrestling. Debuting as a rival, and then associate, of the Eater of Worlds, Uncle Howdy had many memorable moments in the WWE. Appearing from the shadows and attacking various WWE superstars, you never know … Read more

WrestleMania X7 Was The End Of The Attitude Era

The Attitude Era is the most fondly remembered era in WWE history. Each week, tens of millions of fans tuned in to see the likes of Steve Austin and The Rock in the WWE, while Hulk Hogan, Sting and Goldberg ran the show over on WCW Monday Nitro. This era heralded a fantastic time in … Read more

Every 5-Star Match In 2023, Rated By Dave Meltzer

2023 has to be one of the best years in pro wrestling history, with an astonishing number of matches getting that coveted five-star rating. A 5-star match is decided by Dave Meltzer, a journalist and founder of the Wrestling Observer. He is considered the most prominent wrestling critic, with his match ratings having great weight … Read more

Every Jon Moxley AEW International Championship Defense

Jon Moxley is one of the biggest stars in All Elite Wrestling, and is carrying the AEW International Championship with pride. The three-time AEW World Champion had been away winning title belts, instead teaming with the Blackpool Combat Club in a number of hardcore multi-man matches that wowed fans from the US, to Canada and … Read more

Will CM Punk Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall of Fame?

The WWE Hall of Fame in one of the most prestigious hall of fame’s in professional wrestling. If a wrestler has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, it means they are one of the best of the best and have had a huge contribution to wrestling. From Andre the Giant in 1993 to … Read more

CM Punk Became AEW’s Hulk Hogan During Doomed Run In Company

CM Punk referenced Hulk Hogan during his match with Samoa Joe at All In, but the comparisons to the WWE Hall of Famer run much deeper than that. He hit the leg drop (brother) and cupped his ear en route to his victory over Samoa Joe at Wembley Stadium, winning in front of the biggest … Read more

CM Punk’s Last Match In AEW Was The Biggest In His Career

CM Punk has wrestled his last match in AEW, after being fired for a backstage fight with Jack Perry. This fight came before Punk’s final match in AEW at All In. He wrestled against his longtime rival Samoa Joe in the opening match in front of 81,035 fans at the historic Wembley Stadium. This turned … Read more

10 Tragic Wrestlers Who Died Way Too Young (Under-40)

The professional wrestling world is one that has seen it’s fair share of wrestlers dying young. It is almost a cliché at this point, that the hard road life will eventually take its toll on a number of young stars. Whether it be the wear-and-tear of wrestling each night, an addiction to drugs and alcohol, … Read more

AEW All In 2023 Match Card, Date, Time, Location, Tickets

AEW All In 2 will be AEW’s fourth PPV Event of 2023. It will also be the second event in the All In series, although the first was under the ROH umbrella. The event is scheduled for August 27, 2023 at Wembley Stadium in London, England. This will be the first AEW show in the … Read more

Throwback To Christian Cage’s Debut In AEW

Fans rejoiced when Christian made a huge return to the WWE in 2021. He appeared as a surprise entrant in the 2021 Royal Rumble, marking his first match in the WWE in 7 years. The former World Heavyweight Champion was an upper-mid card wrestler in 2014 and was about the challenge for the Intercontinental Championship … Read more

Christian’s Last Match In The WWE Forced Him To Retire

Christian Cage is currently on the run of his life, putting on some of the greatest heel work AEW has ever seen. Now at the twilight of his career, many fans are expecting Christian to retire from wrestling soon, but with the incredible work he is putting on, he could go on for years and … Read more

Ranking Every Texas Death Match In AEW History

AEW has brought the Texas Death Match back into the forefront of pro-wrestling. Previously a relic of the territory era, the match has now taken on a new meaning, being a feud-ending, bloody and brutal match type that has taken All Elite Wrestling by storm. Since 2021, the match has been AEW’s version of the … Read more

New Zealand’s Best Professional Wrestlers Of All Time

New Zealand is not a country usually known for professional wrestling, but it does boast some of the finest wrestlers of all time. The small island has produced some brilliant wrestlers over the years, including world champions, tag team specialists and stars of AEW, WWE and NJPW. In this article, we’ll reveal who the best … Read more

Wrestler’s Who Died During Matches And In The Ring

Wrestling is a dangerous sport, but there are still a tragic amount of wrestlers who have died in the ring. Injury during matches are very common in professional wrestling, but death is a rare, but very real danger. Whether they are horrific accidents, a culmination of injuries or a simple move gone wrong, there are … Read more

Enzo Amore Lost His Last WWE Match Before Being Fired

Enzo Amore is making a comeback in 2023, wrestling for NJPW despite his release from MLW. He was released by WWE in 2018, following abuse allegations that derailed his career – despite turning out to be false. The rap song he made dissing his accuser didn’t help his case, but Enzo Amore has managed to … Read more

NJPW’s Best Matches Of 2023 Revealed (So Far)

NJPW have been one of the best promotions in the world this year, putting on some of the best matches in all of wrestling in 2023. Their year started with Wrestle Kingdom 17 in the beginning of January 2023. This was their “WrestleMania” equivalent, and saw the biggest matches of the year taking place. After … Read more

Will Ospreay vs Jay White Should Have Been Wrestle Kingdom’s Main Event

Will Ospreay vs Jay White could be the biggest missed opportunity in NJPW – keep reading to find out why. With Jay White seemingly out of New Japan after losing a “Loser Leaves Japan” match at New Beginnings in Osaka, the future of Switchblade is up in the air. The 31-year-old Kiwi recently moved to … Read more
Umaga with referee Charles Robinson before his last match in WWE, against CM Punk

Umaga’s Last Match In WWE Was Against CM Punk

Umaga wrestled his last WWE match against CM Punk, just days before being fired from the company. With news of Umaga’s son finally entering the wrestling business, we look back at the final WWE match of the legendary Umaga. From his debut to his final bout, few wrestlers have terrified the WWE audience as much … Read more

The Truth Behind Kenta Kobashi’s Retirement From Wrestling

Kenta Kobashi is one of the all-time great wrestlers, and 2023 marks 10 years since her retired from wrestling for good. In 2013, a special event was put on in front of 17,000 fans in Nippon Bukodan, in Tokyo Japan. Likened by Dave Meltzer (of the Wrestling Observer) to the retirement of soccer star Pele … Read more

What Happened To Damien Sandow After Leaving WWE?

Damien Sandow. Mizdow. Macho Mandow. Whichever name you want to call him, you cannot deny that Damien Sandow was one fo the WWE’s most entertaining stars. He had one of the most varied careers in the WWE, although with very little actual success to show for it. A failed Money in the Bank cash-in and … Read more

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