Every 60 Minute Match In AEW History, Revealed

“Going Broadway” is an old term in wrestling. It refers …

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Every Wrestler Who Beat Kenny Omega In AEW

Can you name every wrestler who has beaten Kenny Omega …

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Shortest AEW Matches In History (Updates 2023)

Welcome to our article about the shortest matches in AEW …

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Longest AEW Matches In History (Updated 2023)

With the 60-minute Iron Man match main eventing AEW Revolution …

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How Many Times Has Cody Rhodes Beaten Seth Rollins?

Seth Rollins has wrestled Cody Rhodes many times since the …

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Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell

Every Cody Rhodes Vs Seth Rollins Match In WWE (2023)

In 2022, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins has a classic …

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Edge Created Two Of WWE’s Greatest Ever Factions

Edge is one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all …

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Paul Heyman predicted Stone Cold Steve Austin’s rise in 1992

Paul Heyman has always had a good eye for talent …

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How the Sandman almost accidently became Vince McMahon’s son

The Vince McMahon‘s Son angle in 2007 was turning out …

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Dolph Ziggler celebrating winning the World Heavyweight Championship

Dolph Ziggler’s WWE Debut Was In The Spirit Squad

Dolph Ziggler has had a long and storied career in …

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Bryan Danielson applying the Cattle Mutilation to Kenny Omega during their match on AEW Dynaite: Grand Slam

Origin Of Bryan Danielson’s Cattle Mutilation Move

Bryan Danielson has used the Cattle Mutilation for a number …

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Hulk Hogan and "Superstar" Billy Graham

Hulk Hogan Was Inspired By “Superstar” Billy Graham

If you’ve never heard of “Superstar” Billy Graham, then simply …

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CM Punk In The Ring with John Cena, with a stamp saying "You're Fired" over him and flames framing the image

The Complete Story Of Why WWE Fired CM Punk

CM Punk was fired by the WWE on his wedding …

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Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz posing in a promotional shot

Lou Thesz Wrestled His Last Match At 74 Years Old

When Lou Thesz wrestled his last match in 1990, he …

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Is Karl Anderson Related To Arn Anderson?

Karl Anderson recently passed through the Forbidden Door, wrestling for …

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Mike Knox WWE Return Almost Happened in 2016

What Happened To Former WWE Wrestler Mike Knox?

What happened to Mike Knox? Keep reading to discover how …

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What happened To Lars Sullivan After Being Fired By WWE?

Lars Sullivan is a forgotten star from recent years. Coming …

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JBL’s Nazi Salute Controversy In Germany

John Bradshaw Layfield has always been a contentious figure in …

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The Spirit Squad On Their WWE Debut

The Spirit Squad’s WWE Debut, Explained

The Spirit Squad were a bizarre team from WWE history. …

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Throwback To Batista’s WWE Debut As “Deacon Batista”

Batista is set to be the headline act in the …

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