Who is the next generation of future main eventers in AEW?

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AEW boasts one of the best main event scenes in wrestling today. With the original bunch of Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes joined later by Adam Page, Adam Cole, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson and many more, the AEW main event scene is better than ever. They even cycle in talents like Orange Cassidy, PAC, Eddie Kingston and MJF to keep the show fresh and interesting. There are few rematches and everyone gets a chance to impress. But when the the likes of Jericho, Omega and Moxley move away from the championships and main event matches, who will be the next generation of main eventers in AEW? Who will carry the AEW main event scene for the years to come?

Here are my top picks for the AEW wrestlers who can be on the level of Omega or Moxley. Wrestlers who can help establish AEW as the premier wrestling brand.

Note: MJF is not included on this list because, in my opinion, he is already a main eventer in AEW. Whilst he will be leading AEW for the next 15 years, there’s nothing I can write about the talent of MJF that you don’t already know. MJF is one of the most entertaining men on the AEW roster.

AEW Next Generation Main Event Talent

Ricky Starks

First on this list is a man that CM Punk himself called out as a young star he wants to face. Starks is a member of team Taz, but came in to AEW under unconventional circumstances.

Ricky Starks made his debut as part of Cody’ TNT title open challenge. As a former wrestler for the NWA, he impressed AEW executives so much he was signed to a permanent contract.

Since then, he has become one of the most entertaining men on the roster. His cocky persona and in ring talent has shown himself to be one of the most talented young stars in wrestling, and a huge get for AEW.

He even defeated Brian Cage for the FTW Championship, the unrecognised title invented by Taz in ECW in the later 90s. Starks looks sure to trade the FTW title for the AEW World Championship one day down the line, and is sure to be the backbone of the AEW main event scene for years to come. He is the man to lead the next generation of main eventers in AEW.

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Will “Powerhouse” Hobbs

Another member of “Team Taz”, Will Hobbs came out of nowhere to become a powerhouse on the AEW roster.

He started off as a babyface, teaming with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley and Darby. However, he turned on his friends and joined the likes of Brian Cage and Ricky Starks to form Team Taz.

Hobbs has shown excellent progression in the ring. He has a move set unlike any other in AEW, and has been working with legends like Mark Henry to improve himself as a wrestler.

He is impressive as a heel as well as a babyface. However, I think his future does lie as the monster heel in AEW in the future. He could be the next Brock Lesnar of his generation and a main eventer in the future for AEW.

Jungle Boy

Jack Perry, the son of Luke Perry, wrestles under the name Jungle Boy in AEW. It is to disassociate himself from his father, who was a Hollywood star for many years, and make his own way in the wrestling world.

Well, he has done just that. He is already one of the must-watch talents in AEW, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega in the ring.

He has had an exciting rivalry with MJF which resulted in one of Jungle Boy’s best matches in AEW, as well as a number of tag team matches with his partner, Luchasaurus.

As Jurassic Express, the pair seem destined to one day be AEW Tag Team Champions. However, even further down the line Jungle Boy has the potential to be the top star of the company, and will surely reignite his rivalry with MJF for years to come.

Darby Allin

There is very little that can be said about Darby Allin that fans around the world haven’t already. Fans that have marvelled at his daredevil style and complete disregard for his own health.

Whether it’s being thrown down a flight of stairs, on being stuck in a body bag full of thumb tacks, he will do literally anything in a ring.

He also has a connection with the crowd that very people in wrestling do. Fans see Darby Allin and feel something. They need him to win. They need him to do well. When they see him get beaten down by his bigger, tougher opponents, they will him on because they know he will never give up.

He is the Jeff Hardy of the new generation, and the sky is the limit for him.

Also, in AEW Sting is his manager. What an amazing partnership.

Max Caster

Despite recent controversies regarding certain rap lyrics, Platinum Max is back in AEW and is a major player going forward.

The outspoken rapper caused offense on twitter with some choice lyrics regarding Simone Biles and the Duke Lacrosse team, and was taken off of TV for a few weeks. However, he is back now, and pulled out a hilarious rap in response to the controversy, showing that it would not change his character and his progression to stardom will continue.

He is currently part of a tag team, called the Acclaimed, with Anthony Bowens. While the pair work wonderfully in tandem, it is clear that Max Caster has the presence, charisma and ability to be a main eventer in AEW in the coming years. He is among the next generation of main eventers in AEW, can be a scathing heel or a fan favourite, a la John Cena in WWE.

Nick Comoroto

Nick Comoroto is that caveman-looking guy in QT Marshall’s stable. This may not seem like a huge endorsement, but he really, really looks like a caveman. He has the look that is very unique in wrestling today, and has a build that makes him look massive.

In addition to his unique look, he has the in ring skills to back it up. He looked great in his debut Dynamite match against Jon Moxley, and has continued to impress in bouts on Dark and Dark:Elevation.

Hopefully, being associated with QT Marshall, who for some reason is all over AEW TV, will get more eyes on him and more chances to impress in the ring. While not AEW Champion level, he definitely has the potential to be a constant thorn in a face Champions side, or as a dominant TNT champion.

Alan “V” Angels

When writing about the future of AEW, the Dark Order have to be mentioned. Hangman Adam Page looks like he’s going to be the next AEW Champion.but is not the only talent in the group. One of those men is Alan Angels, or as he’s known in the group, V (Five).

V has shown his in ring talents on a number of occasions. He competed in matches against the likes of Kenny Omega, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. He has shown impeccable in ring skills, and added some relatable character work with his appearances on Being the Elite.

Angels will surely shed his mask and go by his name rather than the number five in the future. He has a bright future as an upper mid carder who flirts with the main event scene from time to time.

Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevera has been a focal point of AEW since it’s inception, but more as a sidekick to Chris Jericho. But with the Inner Circle drifting apart, he has the chance to forge out on his own and toward a singles run in AEW.

Sammy has shown Elite in ring skills, and incredible control as he has become one of the best high flyers in AEW today. He excels both as a babyface performing incredible flips, and a heel, viciously beating down his opponents and interfering to help Jericho winning his matches.

I’m unsure whether Sammy will be a main eventer in AEW as a face or as a heel. He can be a future AEW champion as both, and would kill it as either. He will be THE top guy in the future, and will lead the next generation in AEW once the current crop move away from the main event scene.

Sammy recently won his first Championship in AEW, winning the TNT Championship from Miro at AEW Grand Slam. He joins Darby Allin as AEW homegrown talent to win the Championship, once held by the late Brodie Lee.


The muscle for AEW star MJF, Wardlow has had mixed reviews from critics so far. He impressed immediatly from his debut in AEW, in a loss to Cody Rhodes inside a steel cage.

He went from strength to strength, mainly in tag team bouts with MJF and squash matches on AEW Dark. Even his “wrestling” match with Jake Hager on AEW Dynamite was surprisingly entertaining.

The War dog looks to have everything in his locker to succeed. He has been earmarked as one of the next generation of main eventers in AEW and it’s clear to see why.

However, performances in recent month has soured some fans on the War Dog. He disappointed in the Blood and Guts, in which the Inner Circle lost to his team, The Pinnacle.

However, it was merely a blip in an otherwise stellar first few years in AEW. With more matches under his belt, he will be a big star for AEW for a number of years. The fans are waiting with baited breath to see him finally turn on MJF. That feud could be a main event feud in AEW for years to come.

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