Chris Jericho

Sting & Darby vs Chris Jericho & Sammy Confirmed To Dynamite

Tony Khan has booked Sting & Darby Allin vs Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara for this week’s AEW Dynamite, following ...

Hamish Woodward

Chris Jericho Reveals Origins Of “Little Bit Of The Bubbly” In AEW

Chris Jericho‘s “A little bit of the bubbly” took the wrestling world by storm in 2019. Following his AEW Championship ...

Hamish Woodward
Chris Jericho vs Sting

Chris Jericho Thinks “There Has To Be” Match With Sting In AEW

Chris Jericho vs Sting is a match that never took place in wrestling, which may be hard to believe. The ...

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AEW Championship History

The History of the AEW World Championship Analysed

The AEW World Championship has a title history that rivals any other, in the names that have held the prestigious ...

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Adam Cole Defeats Chris Jericho In Incredible Match

In a fantastic Unsanctioned Match, Adam Cole destroyed Chris Jericho in an incredibly brutal match at Double or Nothing 2023. ...

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shawn michaels wife

Shawn Michaels’ Wife Was Punched By Chris Jericho

The 2008 rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho remains one of the most memorable and most heated feuds in ...

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The Crowd Singing Chris Jericho’s Judas Without Music Is Wrestling’s Greatest Entrance

Over two years on from that legendary moment, Chris Jericho’s incredible entrance from his match against MJF stands out as ...

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Chris Jericho Shoots on Star Wars: The Last Jedi – “That One Was Brutal”

Chris Jericho has called Star Wars: The Last Jedi “brutal”, and named Luke Skywalker as “the worst Jedi ever”. The ...

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Chris Jericho Wants A Painmaker Movie After Comic Release

Chris Jericho does not want to stop with his Painmaker character after the release of his first graphic novel – ...

Hamish Woodward

Chris Jericho Hates Marvel Movies – Calls Ant-Man A “Jobber”

Chris Jericho has revealed that he doesn’t like Marvel movies, even calling Ant-Man a “jobber”. The former AEW Champion has ...

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Chris Jericho Says Hulk Hogan Is His Favourite Opponent

Chris Jericho has called Hulk Hogan his favourite opponent ever, before claiming that the WWE Hall of Famer is the ...

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Chris Jericho Made Incredible All In Debut In Spectacular Fashion

Chris Jericho looks set to star for AEW as they bring the legendary All In show to the UK this ...

Hamish Woodward

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